1. Is that because you need full control over the source? Or the way it's filling the content?

  2. Yes to your first question. I also noticed that there is no way to go back and change / delete the source of the healing brush once you tap on ‘done’ - though I’m not sure how often people go back to their photos and change their healing brush spots

  3. That is interesting. You should be able to see all the remove / healing / clone spots when you tap the "refine" button. But the new "remove" tool does not have a manual source of course

  4. Oh I did not know that - I saw the pencil icon and assumed it was to adjust the brush size. Now I see the previous adjustments!

  5. Hello! I have a YouTube channel for Pokémon pack opening videos.

  6. Love mew and love this design/art. Would actually pay money for this lol

  7. Hello! I am from Canada and I make Pokémon pack opening videos.

  8. This is really nice - makes me want to create my own for my japan trip

  9. They are already putting them on the shelves before the actual release date?

  10. There was no shining fates, just hidden fates. 12 tins and 7 etbs. There was a total of 4 of us and we split it between us lol

  11. Oops got the names mixed up lol That’s crazy though - I have yet to open/find hidden fates etb

  12. Ordered - saw that it wasn't the 2019 reprint (check the reviews on the product) and immediately contacted support and had the order cancelled.

  13. I ended up doing the same after digging deeper lol

  14. Nice! Is this the equivalent of cosmic eclipse? I love that set but can’t bring myself to spend the absurd prices it’s going for atm

  15. Yes I believe so - pricey yes but cheaper compared to cosmic eclipse booster box

  16. RIP Hana - and at such a young age too :( I know that there was a lot of backlash due to the costume incident. I myself even made a meme (deleted now) of the situation and posted it here on this subreddit. I sincerely apologize for my immature behaviour/action. Terrace House really won’t be the same without you - a hard working girl with a cute laughter and smile, a ton of energy, and full of ambition and determination - you’ll be missed by us all.

  17. That’s incredible! Congrats on the wins - any tips on the UFO catchers?

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