1. Really loving the shift to saccharine holiday radio music

  2. What exactly is a craft world? Is it like a planet-sized factory or

  3. Essentially somewhat mobile space stations made out of magic warp bones, ranging from the size of a small country to a continent, that allows space elves to be completely useless anywhere.

  4. What drives, vdev layout, and volblocksize did you use?

  5. Why are both the “increase” and “decrease” arrows both applied to the light blue “benefit”? And why is there a second “increase” that’s harmful? And wtf is with their color scale?

  6. So I've seen this around on the autism subreddit. What is the issue with the therapy? Is it ineffective? Abusive? Or is it only catered to a certain part of the spectrum? Is there a medical basis for being against it?

  7. The sun was always the intended destination

  8. Oh really? You'd recommend then I just go for the defaults and don't set any options? :)

  9. Thanks to you as well! Since both you and

  10. I mostly use ZFS for bulk storage, and the following is what I blanket apply to those types of datasets.

  11. I have a 980 Pro from prime day, but I'm afraid of sticking it in my machine because of the

  12. Samsung is definitely overrated, I've had their drives outright die, get their firmware corrupted and become unusable, and sometimes generate strange intermittent errors as well (also likely due to shit firmware). I eventually decided to just pay the intel tax, because while everyone has problems, intel at least pretended to give a damn. Curiously enough intel sold their ssd business to solidigm, which is US subsidy of SK Hynix.

  13. The SK Hynix Gold P31 is basically the drive you want if battery life in a laptop matters, and is also easier to keep cooler. I've not seen anything outright superior to it yet for this use case.

  14. https://www.aviacionline.com/2022/07/ukraine-received-the-first-three-gepard-anti-aircraft-systems-donated-by-germany/

  15. Really? Maby they’ll finally put out some quality shit again.

  16. Any issues from forever chemicals leaching into ground water from rotting piles of munition cast offs? The gift that keeps on giving.

  17. An increase in birth defects seems very likely

  18. I put it down to it making my brain just barely normal enough that I can realize how tired I actually am and act on it, rather than trying to resist it like a fucking 2 year old.

  19. Brought his own map of Afghanistan

  20. I hate those short socks where the hem is directly at your ankle. I don't know how anyone can bear wearing those.

  21. Same. Those fucking things love to start sliding down my heel as well.

  22. I never bit my nails, I just excessively try to “groom” any bit of nail that is damaged/uneven/too long, peeling cuticle or other uneven skin. ADHD is likely involved, rather than stress.

  23. Does this work for people? I can't get it to work.

  24. Does not work. I end up with a redirect to a login page.

  25. It’s kinda sad to hear so many people have such huge positive changes, I’m trialing out my second adhd med now (diagnosed a year ago and tried meds for a few months then) and have felt nothing on both

  26. I'm definitely in the "can't even tell if I took it that day or not" camp. Only after being on dextroamphetamine for over a month was a able to look back and notice some minor positive changes.

  27. I have been running static analyzers on the codebase to find bugs. A few fixes were done in time for 2.1.6, but the bulk of them were not, so they went into 2.1.7.

  28. Amazing work, thanks for the overview of what went into it!

  29. I don't know a single person who has just one gun. It's either zero or many.

  30. I've got like 4.5 guns thanks to AR15 legos.

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