1. Bryce is awesome and we’re lucky to have him. A couple of his weaknesses are the long ball, as others have said, and sometimes it is hard to believe how badly he misses on the RPO slant routes. Tua was so good at those. Different guys have different strengths, obviously. I wonder whether that would be a bigger part of the offense if he was better at those particular throws.

  2. Lots of interesting comments today. Another was:

  3. Lots of good points here. It seems unanimous that Wolford is a top tier offensive line coach, but his impact may not be felt immediately. This is his first year with probably the largest personnel group on the team, and he didn't have a hand in evaluation/recruiting most of them.

  4. Not gonna lie, this is a bit of rose colored nostalgia.....

  5. I was curious, looked back and found two windows where we we were especially dominant on the road:

  6. I think that’s part of it, but I think also, especially against Texas and in a few cases last year, we just didn’t handle the situation well.

  7. I agree. Saban ran Tommy Bowden out of a job. The dead weight from the Shula era had been eliminated and the death star was fully operational.

  8. I rewatched this game recently, and something that really stuck out was Bowden gave the first carry of the game to the top recruit, and he lost a fumble. It wasn’t the starting running back, it was just Bowden’s way of making the hot shot happy.

  9. Man, I can’t wait to see what this guy can do.

  10. I could be wrong because I take backroads myself, but I think you’ll be fine. Several factors working in your favor: lesser opponent, possible rain, and most importantly, it’s a night game so instead of a mass of traffic all at once, more likely to be spread out over the course of the day. I wouldn’t worry too much even if leaving at 4.

  11. Just get on tide pride and donate some money. You will have tickets in no time

  12. I’ve been able to buy additional season tickets for two years in a row now. Guessing that the wait list is nowhere near what it once was.

  13. A trip to Harris Stadium at Sewanee, home to the famous

  14. Swapping out all the bleachers for fold-down, actual individual seats.

  15. Where are you getting that Indiana and Rutgers will make more than three times as much as Alabama?

  16. I've seen $300 million per year in multiple locations; that's the first time I've seen the $710 million figure. I have no idea what the discrepancy could be.

  17. That’s just one facet of the total media rights deal. That basically gets ESPN what CBS has currently: the weekly top SEC football game plus some basketball games.

  18. Thanks, I think I see that and edited the post, though it's hard to understand why none of several articles I've read list the total amount of SEC media rights.

  19. It would be irresponsible for Bama to not even try to get Smart. I don’t think there’s any real chance he leaves UGA though

  20. Smart would be my first choice, but I agree, I don't think he would leave. But things change. In two years or five years or whatever, it's not inconceivable that a coach begins to get frustrated at being told "no" a couple of times, a new AD comes in, etc.

  21. Kirby has never been told no for anything and we just hired a young AD who everyone loves. It’s not happening lol.

  22. And young ADs who everyone loves usually get offered other jobs and sometimes are replaced by another AD who everyone loves less.

  23. I would replace Leatherwood with Andre Smith, and Neal with Chance Warmack.

  24. Good list, but I’m wondering whether that Will Anderson guy is going to finally break out.

  25. I have season tickets and love going to Bryant-Denny Stadium, but away games are even better because you get to see other fan bases' traditions. I watch as many games as I can on TV, but it will never replace the live experience for me.

  26. I like Mississippi State to finish second in the SEC West.

  27. I may be crazy, but I've wondered if it's a given that Ricks will start. I've seen some things about his weight/strength, and knowing how we prioritize tackling and physicality for corners, I'm just not as sure as most seem to be.

  28. I agree 100%. But at the same time, I feel like he wouldn’t have transferred here if he wasn’t certain about being a starter. It would also be a bad look for future transfers. I think Saban is just trying to get the most out of him in practice. Khyree Jackson is no slouch

  29. I'm sure Ricks thought he would be a starter, but I'm also pretty sure Saban didn't guarantee it. Just listened to John Talty on Andy Staples' podcast talk about how Saban's approach in recruiting is so different and effective because he never makes promises like everyone else does, just tells players they'll have an opportunity to earn it. I assume he has the same approach for transfers. And even if Ricks doesn't have the role he envisioned, Saban can still point to many other transfers as examples of how it can work out.

  30. Who is the current DLU rn? We could give it a run if we turn these dudes into draftees

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