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  1. even tho it’s brownish, it’s light brown and it’s in the fridge and super soft still and we still put it on the grill to cook it so i thought it was raw

  2. At my McDonald’s the aprons had front pockets like a minion. Just plop your phone in there on record and it was like a go pro

  3. typically no one wears aprons at my store unless you’re running out food to parked cars so that you can have straws and stuff on ya so i feel like it would be so obvious lol but that is a good suggestion

  4. That’s crazy. We would get sent home without our aprons, it was just part of necessary dress code like wearing safe shoes

  5. yea no one, even kitchen people, wears aprons rlly my store is honestly so laidback, we don’t have to tuck in shirts, no wearing name tags, sometimes they don’t care about us not wearing our hats

  6. i do that too it’s called syntribating

  7. it’s Thor toys at my store

  8. in person, my only online course is ENC3246

  9. it says STAFF under instructors

  10. Venice Bitch - Lana Del Rey

  11. thank u OP for this opportunity! (:

  12. mine doesn’t have one, i’m in Florida

  13. and it be the same people that reply “no” when asked if they’re using their mobile app

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