1. Sales are slowing down because people are having to choose between putting gas in the car, feeding the family and hitting the range.

  2. This deals so good it makes me wonder if I should buy and fine something chambered in 40sw later... what's the catch?

  3. Inflation is killing gun/ammo sales is my guess. Instant sellouts are mostly gone.

  4. I always looked at the 1 box limit as a get you with shipping at check out trick.

  5. Jokes on them... I just ordered a some of the 40 S&W Handgun Hunter from one of the dealers in OP's picture yesterday for about $12-14 less per box than almost everyone else has it for, plus I didn't have to pay tax as I would have with the more expensive ones. I added on a couple of those cheapo box deals (9mm and 380) just because I was already paying $25 for shipping. If they were banned I wouldn't have found the deal I wanted in the first place, which wasn't qty limited.

  6. I apologize, but don’t see the DISHONESTY here. They clearly specified how many boxes at that price.

  7. It's more about gaming the system, I get what OP is saying. It's like back in the day when Ebay didn't charge fees on shipping, everyone would charge low BIN with HUGE shipping fees.

  8. Start the checkout process, then add the promo code.

  9. https://i.imgur.com/xBvjVMv.jpg

  10. Ok, they fixed it then... code was working when posted.

  11. Not sure where you live that there's no tax, but I believe Midway charges tax to the states they are required to, including mine. I ordered 2 boxes earlier and tax was added as usual. Still worth it as this is the best price I've seen in a bit.

  12. BDU had the 10rd version of this for $480 on Sunday, went OOS while I was checking out.

  13. I just canceled with them, might still be active. Their search engine just sucks so bad…how do you even find deals if they’re not forced on you?

  14. I won't be renewing either. It's a huge banner on their page, but you can also hover over deals and then click on member appreciation sale.

  15. I searched for a year for one of these before getting it...now ads are coming out here every few days...bah!

  16. Everything is starting to be easier to find, which is why more and more dealers are popping up here to advertise their stuff.

  17. BDU had at least one of these in their members event that's been going on the past few days, $380. Really jealous of the person that got that!

  18. That's something we have considered at one point, part of the issue is not having a way of attaching the card to the customer's account or verifying the validity of their licensing on our website. We completely understand how inconvenient this policy may be and appreciate you reaching out!

  19. Just do what a good store like Firearms Depot does, they just have us restricted state losers email our card every time we order before they ship. Just need to set all orders to these states to pause for confirmation before shipping.

  20. Ok thanks - all of this “other” and different preban definitions and years has my head spinning, so I’m trying to double and triple check everything

  21. Just an FYI - You'll need a permit to buy ammo here, so may as well load up on that too before coming. Also dealers in other states are very aware of what pre-bans sell for in restricted states like CT, so don't be too shocked if you can't find a great deal on one.

  22. Unless it's banned by name as several are...

  23. Firearms depot and Norma depending on what you're looking for.

  24. https://www.kitterytradingpost.com/shooting/guns/new-guns/rifles/centerfire-lever-action/henry-long-ranger-deluxe-engraved-308-winchester-%2F-7.62x51-nato-20-4-round-rifle-100035459.html?cgid=0

  25. Illegal doesn't just mean illegal while in your hands. Modifying a brace is a bad idea.

  26. PSA quality parts probably about 400-500 cheaper. PSA isn't exactly high quality, more budget build quality.

  27. Dammit, just got a cancelation email claiming it was sold out before I ordered. Which I assume means anyone else here also go canceled.

  28. is there a reason why the 556 version of this, and seemingly all budget 223/556 bolt action rifles, are hard to find right now?

  29. Speaking of 5.56 bolts. Look into 527 by CZ in 5.56. Bull barrel version with set trigger

  30. The 527 in 7.62x39 is the one I really wanted, but the discontinued it and prices have just gone stupid.

  31. I asked a friend of mine that got a job in a gun shop after he retired.

  32. Your friend should request re-training. The whole reason the stuff is sent to an FFL in your state is because they are the ones that need to make sure something is legal for you to own, not the sending FFL.

  33. Depends on the FFL. I used to have to confiscate them as where I worked didn’t pin them

  34. How long did it take for them to get listed on Gun Broker?

  35. That may be true, but not everyone has the extra $100 to spend.

  36. Sure, but those that do would be served better by grabbing one of those. Only Taurus I own is a TX22, but my general understanding is that Taurus' qc is spotty.

  37. I own 5 Taurus firearms and haven't had a problem with any of them. They are more or less range toys for me, but I honestly wouldn't have an issue with carrying them either.

  38. It's good for the times, but was like $100 less pre-covid.

  39. I've seen what you are describing before and it was a bent buffer retaining pin, that would be the first thing I would check. The gas system would have nothing to do with manually charging needing more force, bent pin certainly could.

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