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  1. Hey I have a shiny Charcadet, Veluza, Drakloak,Wooper, and Spirigatito, plus a few others.

  2. I can take Charcadet, Spirigatito and Wooper. Send me the code when you are ready.

  3. Hey I’m sorry I got caught up with a few things. I’m available right now if you are? Otherwise we can try tomorrow. Let me know a link code if you’re good now

  4. Ah perfect! I just got back online and will be online for a bit too. If you still have the friend and a master ball that’d be great :D

  5. Yep I have them both, and just attached them to two Pokémon. Whenever you’re ready let me know the Link Code, and I can search right away

  6. They were all pretty disrespectful. Cell got whooped by a child so badly he lost his perfect form and decided to blow himself up, not knowing he’d survive.

  7. Hello! I would love to trade but as per this Sub Reddit rules you need to have Pokéball Flair is higher to trade, I am sorry.

  8. Wow this is a very involved process to apply for flair. I had used this subreddit a lot back on Sword Shield (I guess the rules were different then). I’ll see if I can get those completed trades added and get my flair updated

  9. I agree it is a very involved process, but the Mods of this sub reddit strongly enforce them and as much as I would love to trade I really do not want to lose my flair, Hope you understand and have a wonderful day! :)

  10. Yeah I hear ya, no worries! I’ll let you know if/when I get it set up. I’m active on other subreddits as well for trades if you happen to see any other posts from my user name anywhere and see anything you like. But otherwise have a good one!

  11. Of course, but there's no reason the story can't happen anywhere, just because it's based on a Japanese myth. Just look at the Grudge, or the Ring. Percy Jackson isn't set in modern day Greece. There's all kinds of stories based in America where it turns out some Egyptian god is real or some Chinese legend is real.

  12. The story explicitly has Ryuk mention the rules were written in English bc that’s the most popular language. I would think if everything was meant to stay in Japan it would have been written in Japanese. Or at least he wouldn’t specifically mention how and why it’s in English.

  13. Barclays ain’t MSG, they’re not gonna use expensive technology to scan the crowd and determine which individuals should be kicked off the premises, regardless of whether they did anything illegal or not.

  14. Your edits tell me that you came here thinking that Reddit was going to validate you and reinforce that you are not TA, but that doesn’t seem to be happening so you’re fighting the wave of YTAs.

  15. Lol I love that. “Ok the internet seems to be completely against me right now, but clearly they don’t understand the situation. Maybe just a few more edits will win them over”

  16. They keeping him alive for breeding purposes to increase the air bender population

  17. That’s cool, but Michael Scott donated lap top batteries to some high school kids through Scott’s Tots

  18. I don’t think any team was giving us a better deal regardless of his potential. He’s a stud right now

  19. I trust that Marks saw the market last summer, saw the market now, and felt it was in our best interest to take this offer rather than do it all again in the off season and see what’s available then.

  20. It’s alright! The code is 4 digits, you access it via the union circle .. thing on the side of any Pokémon center, it’s on whatever side has the tm machine.

  21. When I try to join a group within Union circle it asks for a 6 digit code, is that not it

  22. I asked Chat GPT to “summarize the battle at the end of The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan”” since this post got me fired up. It gets off to an ok start I guess but gradually goes all over the place. Even though it’s been a while since I read it, I’m almost certain this isn’t how it went:

  23. And there were people who thought Brooklyn won the trade....

  24. At the time that’s how toxic Harden and Brooklyn were. People were legitimately convinced that the Nets were better off with Ben Simmons than continuing the rest of the season with Harden

  25. Which is absurd considering Harden literally sacrificed his body for that team averaging almost 40 mins a night. Glad Harden is out. Nets fans deserve Ben.

  26. What exactly did the Nets franchise do wrong at that time, prior to him getting traded? Did they ask him to do anything Giannis, Lebron, Westbrook, or Curry wouldn’t do?

  27. bruh g5 luffy looks like he would be the most frustrating person to fight

  28. Yeah especially if the bulk of your attacks are physical. He was already annoying enough for most people simply being rubber.

  29. The ope ope no mi’s true power can only be used by a skilled doctor. The only other doctor we know on black beards cure is doc Q, who already has a devil fruit. The ope ope no Mi would be wasted on black beards crew(if he kills law).

  30. What if he forces Law’s hand by having him use the eternal life thing or else they kill his crew. That in turn will allow BB to use the ability without needing the fruit itself.

  31. Law would be better going out guns blazing in that case. If he used the eternal life thing he’d be sacrificing himself and giving BB eternal life (duh), two awful things, all on the promise that BB won’t immediately kill his crew as soon as Law is dead anyhow.

  32. Maybe you just forgot about him. Because otherwise, are you saying you don’t think “Heavy Drinker” Vasco Shot has the medical knowledge or steady hands needed to become the next Surgeon of Death??!! Slanderous!!

  33. Yes, YTA for accepting an unreasonable condition to help one of your children at the expense of the other. Would you daughter really have found other accommodations to watch the baby if you stood fast on the "no-pets" rule? Doubtful. Most animals get along well with children. If nothing else, you can find a way to keep them apart if need be.

  34. Let’s say the parents don’t budge on their “unreasonable” request, that they don’t want their 3 month old to share a babysitter with two dogs. What is OP supposed to do? Did she quit her job for nothing? She doesn’t want to watch both the dogs and grandson at the same time, she explicitly said if she had to choose, she would rather watch her grandson.

  35. Do you remember when Celtics fans in the offseason said they'd rather have Rob Williams than Bam lmao

  36. I recently had my 2K player on the Celtics to tell the GM to trade for Bam, and he obliged. We won 75 games that year, so I think that trade worked out for the Celtics!

  37. They’re gonna command the seraphim that’s all.

  38. Good point. The Straw Hats + Allies will look like they’ve averted danger, and have the seraphim safely back under their control.

  39. Oh yea would make way more sense if Ussop and Nami wuld jump down there and be hyped about a good fight against CP0 and Seraphim.

  40. Especially after the Blackbeard and Kuja Pirates literally couldn’t leave a scratch on the Seraphim

  41. Lol i was so distracted by it in this frame i didn’t think to even watch the rest of the trailer. But yh after going back and watching the full thing ur right it is intentional and throughout the trailer. Should’ve watched the full thing before posting, I’m dumb 😂. Green-screen’s still god awful tho.

  42. You decided to watch the new Ant Man trailer, stopped mid video, took a screen shot, made a post on Reddit about it, and then still didn’t go back to finish it? That’s commitment

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