1. What’s the back story on this design.. would love to know

  2. From my knowledge Rick Rubin co produced a few of Danzigs albums in the late 80’s early 90’s. That’s my guess on why this shirt was brought to fruition ! Hardly ever see this tee pop up. Only one other time I’ve seen it pop up.

  3. Yeah I’m a huge Danzig fan I know all the details about the band … I just wouldn’t see Glenn making something like this

  4. Pretty sure that’s from the 70s. I actually have the ringer shirt version of this shirt and it’s an iron-on graphic that was popular around that time.

  5. Yeah it is double stitched on the bottom which is why I was confused by it

  6. In typical Polish fashion they were doing double stitch in the 70s now they are on that single stitch tip

  7. Hello, are you selling the shirt? Thanks!

  8. Looks like a late 70’s tee with an iron on graphic

  9. Yeah that’s what I’m thinking too… thank you! 🙏🏼

  10. Wow I just looked too I’m seeing £510 here. Well.. depends on the roof yo - would the replace itself be.. metal?

  11. Metal would have been ripping the sleeves off to wipe your ass at a party in the woods…. Since you didn’t do that. Sell it for a roof to cover your family’s heads 😋

  12. A part of me wants to say that this isn't true vintage and probably just some modern brand printing on single stitch blanks, mainly because of the artstyle (things like the noodly limbs, lack of outlines, and simple geometric shapes are more typical in modern character stylings).

  13. No other info on the tag or shirt … thank you for you help!!

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