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  1. I used this after bleaching my hair and followed it with one of their moisturizer hair masks and my god my hair felt amazing! I’ve noticed continuous use and really keeping it one for 10 minutes makes a difference. Overall I really like it!

  2. He isn't clueless. He knew exactly what he did. He knows what a soft no is. He's playing dumb to pretend he's innocent to excuse his inappropriate behavior. A four year old could tell you she wasn't interested. He's either more autistic than me, in which case how did he even speak since I have selective mutism, or he's doing it on purpose. Stop excusing perverts and creeps with "he doesn't know any better".... He absolutely does.

  3. He needs legit help. Like he’s what that support thing on Reddit is for. He’s going to keep scaring and hurting people if he’s doesn’t get some help.

  4. Okay, I’m going to need everyone’s deranged fan fiction theories about The Rattening. What the hell is behind that??

  5. That I was asexual lol Todd’s storyline really resonated with me and helped me put words to the way I’ve been feeling my whole life.

  6. Other people were in this weird sexy toddler eating donuts photoshoot and no one thought it was a bad idea???

  7. Maybe her boyfriend likes the “ribbed for pleasure” effect of them.

  8. Very inappropriate photo of her nephew posted on her story today in my opinion

  9. True crime babe is honestly the worst. She has no understanding of the cases or criminal justice system and it’s so disrespectful to the victims and their families

  10. Honestly the faded treatment has saved my skin! It’s a little smelly and takes some time to work but it’s so worth it! My hormonal acne is finally cleaning up 🥲

  11. I've reassearhed it extensively since it happened and im pretty sure he' gonna be ok , no symptoms at all , he just peed and theres no blood and he is his usual self. My problem with bringing him to a vet is that he's a rescue and i cant touch him yet, its been a year and he's made a lot of progress, plays with the other cat and he seems overall happy and and mostly stress free but he remains very weary of human hands , he does eat out of my hands tho but absolutely no touching alowed, i've tried to catch him before (to check up on a wound he got while playing with my other cat) and he goes berserk if anything touches him. Ive tried to lure him in the travel cage but he is a very long boi and his butt is always in the way of closing the cage. Catching this puff ball will be a hefty challenge for me and very stressful for him. In any case theres an at home vet in my town that can come to my place to check him out so i'll do that if i see anything out of the ordinary. Thanks for your concerns !

  12. Call the vet and talk with them. They’ll advise you on what to do and what to be on the lookout for.

  13. Happy birthday, Cassius, you’re so handsome!

  14. Yea I totally agree its not to be used every day. It's more of a fun gift for bachelorette parties, college girls, etc. It'll be a fun party trick to open a beer with them

  15. Rachel Rabbit White, some internet personality who was supposed to take over Caro’s lease until the landlord was like “that’s not happening, she owes me $40k in rent”

  16. She’s named in the suit. She is required to show up.

  17. She keeps her body so far from his. It looks like she doesn’t actually like him lol

  18. Every photo of them embracing is like this. Very awkward. I wonder if it’s the performative nature of the kisses/hugs.

  19. Yes I’ve been seeing them at cons lately! They’re so pushy and weird. Like I had fake nails on for a cosplay so they were long and pointed and the girl like insulted them. She kept telling how they looked bad and what she had was so much better. Definitely did not purchase

  20. What the fuck?!?! That's so rude? I am so sorry holy shit I would have been LIVID

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