1. All Mights strongest attack named after a city of my home state, Detroit smash

  2. He was a good character until they made him op. I like the new look better though

  3. I said this too and then I realized Deku became OP in a short time too

  4. The amount of time it takes to take weave out

  5. Even when I had both my handicap plate and my Harley, I still didn’t do this. I would share a parking space with another bike, use a whole parking space, or park in motorcycle parking.

  6. I never realized this could happen to kickstands. Don't think sport bikes are heavy enough tho

  7. Yes, but that specific picture is from street fighter 4.

  8. No, that’s the next update. That, and bug fixes, like deleting some outdated code written by some stooge called Asimov.

  9. The fourth one looks like the lips of the "hoopla" fish on SpongeBob

  10. Ppl downvote just because they're having a bad day

  11. At least they're not looking at porn

  12. It's always interesting seeing your slow ass x-factor in action.

  13. You’re completely right I have trouble drawing men :p

  14. Or you can start with muscular women first and then men. So you can one foot out the comfort zone

  15. Right? Like, I have toys. But none of them make public appearances.

  16. Ppl stay stay waiting for the debut

  17. My mom was a teacher and could not cope. It wasn’t even the kids that really got under her skin, but that when the kids would act up and you try to inform the parents, oftentimes the parents are entitled assholes, too.

  18. She can probably program her own online class with her own curriculum like Khan academy, but make it more personalized

  19. In another thread someone said that MidJourney and similar tools will be the end of illustrators and other artists; I pointed out that no, it will turbocharge the career of people that are already creative. I'm not creative, I couldn't think of something like this. Congrats OP!

  20. Exactly, A.I won't replace jobs, people that know how to use A.I will.

  21. We all should be majoring in Common Law. Maybe if she focused on that, she won't make another tweet like this

  22. And why is a 61 year old criminal targeting a MSFT exec in backwater Florida?? And they're certain he didn't act alone? Wtf!

  23. Sounds like someone vetoed an idea at Microsoft

  24. You can tell Jason Pitts from The Game was his favorite character

  25. Good news! With the dickhead wasps no longer killing bees, the bee population will grow and so will the rate of pollination.

  26. Boom. I vote wasps out... Of existence

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