San Francisco will allow police to deploy robots that kill

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  • By - Lilyo

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  1. That's why they need a garbage robot that kills anyone who fucks with it

  2. You gotta be kidding me. You filled with so much hate for me but calling this toxic??????

  3. So you like every other uneducated self aggrandizing solipsistic mental midget doesn’t know the definitions of the word objective or team or win.

  4. Sorry did I use too big of words for you. Here’s one I’m sure you have heard a lot. Moron.

  5. Run a couple beads on that handrail while you're at it.

  6. Ik this sounds dumb but try using a paddle on your controller. Depending on how much time you spend playing and how good you want to get. One paddle jump while still being able to aim wins me 95% of my gunfights.

  7. Are there any cheaper yet reliable paddle controllers? The elite ones are pretty pricey

  8. Is it though? Way more features including the most basic like stats & tracking, play again option, easy scoreboard access, editing loadouts pre-game. Not to mention all the gameplay features that don’t exists anymore like ballon’s, plate and run, custom perks, lootable perks, deployable buy station, ect..

  9. Since SMGs are the only only gun to possibly use to get kills is skipping and flopping around and spamming full auto quite sure the name makse a lot of sense. Most mindless game I ever bought and played.

  10. Im doing what i like and i have social anxiety so i freeze when i talk to girls so this is way better

  11. I don’t think that’s likely because nothing about it is a “glitch” it’s just cutting out the middle part (chemist).

  12. This is the dumbest shit. Is this what our youth has come to? Car debt and fake ass tough guys?

  13. Pm me for a screenshot of settings to run smooth if you get sick of it.

  14. Audio could be better but I definitely hear footsteps and gunfights. Instead of complaining I recommend messing with volume/settings or sticking to story mode.

  15. Id there another sub for the new cod/warzone? This sub just consists of players writing in their diary.

  16. There is a divider between them protecting them. They've been like that since release. There's 5 inches on either side and behind it's very open. They are fine.

  17. Surprised I didn’t see many people commenting on this. My series x heats up pretty quick, can’t imagine covering up its vent like that.

  18. My ps5 overheated in a cubby slightly bigger then those ones. Matter of time.

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