1. Of course not, I just notice your username pop up everytime there’s a missing pitbull on this sub. Gotta slip your ignorance in everytime, huh? You do realize that the pitbull villain story is rooted in racism, right?

  2. I’d be open to a good source that shows that beyond feelings.

  3. What about being a mail carrier? They make a solid salary after a couple years and great benefits.

  4. have you… called the police and given them the license plate number?

  5. So does anyone advise on traveling with a carbon monoxide detector? Especially when staying at a resort for more than a few days?

  6. I am also in KY. Who did your bisap? because they should have fully removed your tubes at that time.

  7. Lol, I mean they did. I saw the photos. But it can still implant to an organ elsewhere. Very rare but it does happen.

  8. If you have no fallopian tubes you have a one in a billion chance of an egg somehow magically appearing somewhere outside of your ovaries. And that egg has a one in a billion chance of somehow making it into your uterus to then be fertilized by sperm.

  9. Dr Crawford at All Women OBGYN did mine. I know their other providers do as well.

  10. Saw her for a consultation but ended up going with someone else. She didn’t even blink when I asked - said “you’re an adult, i have no issue saying yes”.

  11. She was awesome! She said to me “I’m not here to change your mind.” It was refreshing since she’s older. I switched all my care to her and she’s fantastic. Just had a pap and didn’t even realize she’d done it because she kept me chatting the whole time.

  12. Yeah, she did a pap for me too and definitely talks your ear off to distract you. I appreciated that. I ultimately went elsewhere because she was a little dismissive of an ovary concern I had but she’s still an excellent resource for people seeking out sterilization.

  13. In case they have any trouble, contact KHJN. Doctors in states that banned abortion been having to consult with lawyers first, costing hours, giving opportunity for further complications and death.

  14. What about me? My doctor told me point blank that I wouldn't survive pregnancy 2 years ago. Do I have to wait until I'm actively dying or is my 10% survival rate enough to qualify for termination before I start to bleed out?

  15. Right. This affects every woman, not just women who are casually seeking an abortion because they don’t want a child.

  16. do you know if he takes insurance at all for the evaluation? looks like he’s a solid choice.

  17. It depends on what you consider to be “recovery.” Can she repair her relationship with food and health mentally and overcome the root causes of her disorder? Yes with a lot of hard work and dedication and will to change. Can she recover from the scoliosis, osteoporosis, heart muscle wasting, total muscle wasting, years of amenorrhea, gastroparesis, dental decay, gum recession, hair loss, kidney damage from dehydration, collagen and fat loss in skin, and get to a healthy weight and maintain it with how ravaged her body is by this illness? Debatable, but without a doubt she will NEVER been in the body of someone who didn’t do this to themselves for years and will always feel the effects even if she recovered.

  18. I live in his neighborhood. He's not home, he's never home, because we all hate him. Restaurants refuse to serve him. People throw things at him on the street. He's literally never here because we make his life miserable when he is.

  19. Agreed. I’m surprised nobody has protested at his house yet with the gun issues.

  20. It sounds like you’re still doing activities that interest you. Have you asked her what she wants to do?

  21. Have a kid and put them into sports. You can get involved and she can be a spectator. Also, the theater scene in the area is alive and thriving. Another option could be Activate Games. My SO isn’t the most active, but she loves this place.

  22. Please don’t encourage people to have a child when they’re clearly struggling to find even simple mutual interests.

  23. Is he a Tonkinese? I’m so glad you found him.

  24. oh wow, he might be! i always thought he was lynx point siamese but he looks closer to this!

  25. That would be good, but I’m a bit lost on how to get a position like that since I’ve never worked it before. I have writing skills but I’m young so it would have to be fairly entry level. Anything you know of?

  26. Majority aren’t worth entertaining. I work only with one recruiter who has repeatedly brought me solid opportunities and he’s great at talking me up to hiring managers. He’s the exception and not the norm, sadly.

  27. I’ve never had to do it myself but wasn’t there a law passed or something that you’re legally allowed to break a window for a child or animal stuck in the hot vehicle?

  28. No, I just googled it. It looks like it’s legal to break a window to save a child but not a dog :( I don’t think that would stop me if the cops were taking their sweet time but still

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