1. Or obi-wan still believed he was the chosen one, the only one who could kill the emperor

  2. Plot twist, the emperor didn't die, and the rebellion accomplished literally nothing after defeating the empire! Fucking hell the new trilogy just shit on the whole ass story 🤣🤣

  3. It will make the car heavier which means it will use more gas

  4. And how exactly does the water freezing make it heavier? Not sure what cold winter has to do with this.

  5. The water freezing doesn’t make it heavier, but if you don’t drain it before it freezes it’s going to be a lot harder to drain.

  6. One of the few original memes I've seen from here over the past few years that's not just a rehash of the same jokes.

  7. Thank you! I wasn’t sure if something like this had been done before so I’m really glad to hear that.

  8. No, there is no what if because the Force controls everything.

  9. Exactly why this update is so much better than the original. This man is in a mental institution, which is where someone with such a lack of critical thinking would be. The previous post painting someone who likes everything with the Star Wars branding on it as some enlightened individual was dumb and likely a massive cope from someone who is insecure about having bad taste in entertainment and didn’t like being called out on it.

  10. I made the original post too lol. I don’t like the sequels, I just thought the meme would be funny. I was actually kinda surprised at the amount of people who commented saying “me” or took the meme too seriously and got mad.

  11. My bad I forgot about all these. Visions had some dope episodes, but I’ve never seen Resistance or the Holiday Special. I haven’t heard many good things about those last two tho.

  12. Yes everyone is so glad Jar Jar and green puss titties exist.

  13. I can’t speak for everyone, but I liked Jar Jar as a kid and don’t really mind him much nowadays. Wtf are the green puss titties tho?

  14. I wouldn’t mind seeing a short where he survives the crash and runs from/fights off clones for a bit on Cato Neimoidia and then dying. Now that he’s been more fleshed out it would be really interesting to see his reaction to Order 66. But looking at that crash there’s no possible way he could’ve lived.

  15. Having just recently rewatched some clips from ROTS, I noticed that Obi-Wan praises Anakin for killing Dooku and calls him a hero, in the "this whole operation was your idea" scene after they crash land on Coruscant.

  16. Obi-Wan didn’t see exactly how Anakin killed Dooku, so I think he assumed Dooku died fairly in combat with Anakin. The reason he sounds so somber when telling Ashoka about Dooku’s death was because he was acknowledging that Dooku was their only hope of finding out more about Sidious.

  17. Careful not to choke on your stupidity. It's Ahsoka not Ashoka!

  18. I don’t remember where I got the template from so I posted it on my reddit profile. You can save it from there.

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