1. Really hope that they use this as a set list one day!

  2. Do you have any other minor info? Like how old is it or if its a rom com or action

  3. So I asked my dad, he said it’s an action movie. His role in the movie was a international smuggler. He also said that it was between 1982-1984.

  4. I don’t think he was credited in the movie. He part was brief

  5. You're best to contact the store and see what options you have.

  6. What's the general percent of profit do funeral homes make from an average funeral.

  7. I hope Fabianski signs with a top club, he is absolute class.

  8. That's really sad and horrible poor piggy she sounds very sensitive. The bullying from the bigger guinea pig may be causing her reluctance to come out and her fear of people noises etc. this can cause depression. If she's eating and stuff still that's a good sign but maybe take her to a vet to check up on her. I have five boys and they'll get a little rough but none of them isolate themselves and stay in their little igloos. Try increasing the size of the cage it may stop the bullying a little more and feed seperately in different bowls and that and make sure there are two water bottles for both. When my cage was getting to small for all my boys I noticed that the older and bigger ones would bully the younger ones. So all this stuff helped but what helped most was the increase in the size of the cage!

  9. I really believe fax machines are outdated, but are used in every business i've worked in.

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