1. It's definitely a move timed for the midterms and definitely favoring the democrats. The Republicans will not have the scrot to piss off their evangelical base and so there will be a lot of threats and money to keep the Rs in line to vote NO.

  2. Taxes are starting to match donors and lobbyists...tide wave is coming....

  3. Check out Transcend Micro in Hartford, MI. To try new flower.

  4. It would add +8hrs to your trip. Nothing against Bay City that is just a haul from IL.

  5. I hate to tell you this, but companies rename strains. I bet neither of these were originally Grape anything. Probably gelato something. See the comment before about Gage and Cookies. A company can take from a home batch and rename strains. Happens all the time.

  6. There is no official regulation on strain names, I asked the then MRA, now CRA and as of fall 2021 they did not have any rules against renaming or creating strain names.

  7. If you're taking I94 Lawrence has two shops before Kzoo that are both pretty good, kzoo may have better deals idk haven't been in a while but first time discounts might be worth checking out.

  8. Haven’t seen that brand but yeah there has been a few hot sauces. Weirdest stuff I seen is suppositories and tooth picks

  9. which one? cuz we both should be last, but the other new york should be lastest

  10. Yesh yesh see the joke was I meant when you combine them NY is last.

  11. Interesting that they would purposely leave out the Test Lab and Test Date. They filled in everything else even the harvest batch metrc number

  12. Yea that doesn't look "compliant" but that would be on the retailer not High Life.

  13. I've only spent time in Decentraland on my PC. Not sure if it can be played using VR headsets.

  14. Thanks, that's what I thought just kinda checking back to see if any updates I missed.

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