1. No to all of those things, I even had a exterminator in here twice.

  2. Perfect, I sent you the image 😊

  3. We get the same stuff in our 1950s apartment in NYC. We're on the first floor. If we haven't used the shower for a few days, we get about 50x the amount that you have there. We have asked our superintendent about it a few times, and he has no idea where it comes from.

  4. Its so annoying! I have such bad OCD and anxiety about it so I had a exterminator come in and he ruled out it coming from any type of insect but im still racking my brain trying to figure out what it is.

  5. No calcium, soy, or iron within 4 hours.

  6. I’m in the same boat as you were! What was your NDT dose before adding synthroid? My gut also says not to switch totally, but I don’t think my dr will budge. I may have to switch doctors again. This is very frustrating. This advice comes from the American Thyroid Association who is supported my the makers of synthroid. Seems very planted.

  7. My ndt was 60 and I kept it 60 and added the synthroid. I secretly kept taking my ndt and never told my doctor.

  8. It's been a few months- did you end up adding synthetic T4 to the small amount of NDT? How do you feel now?

  9. Yes! I added 75 synthroid to 60 NDT and it worked out perfectly.

  10. Pretty sure they are pantry bugs but im not certain...I have them also.😬🙏

  11. Some paint separates into a substance that looks like this when it’s older and/or it’s humid for a long period of time.

  12. Okay. Roaches are insects. Insects have 6 legs. Always. This is definitely not a roach. Almost everything about it is wrong for a roach.

  13. Idk in some pictures it looks like it has 8 and others 6. Maybe I should take it out of the plastic bag I put it in and take better pictures. Are you familiar with Canadian roaches? What about this doesnt look like a roach?

  14. Stienbabe is correct, this is absolutely not a roach. It's an assassin bug, possible a masked hunter.

  15. Did you look at all the pictures? Hes on his back in the first picture

  16. I live in newbrunswick in Canada

  17. Can you take a look at a picture I have?

  18. I just started taking Valtrex for suppressive therapy. What have your experiences been like while taking it?

  19. I dont have a problem with it but ive been on it for a long time and would like to try something else out of curiosity

  20. Following, would be interesting to get some experiences from others. I have only taken valtrex, seems semi effective

  21. From what I understand valtrax is more bioavailable but some people do better on the others

  22. I think they are aware to a certain degree but I don't think they think its a problem and thats the problem lol

  23. Do you take lysine and antivirals? Have you tried lemon balm on the coldsore?

  24. I’m taking lysine and a homeopathic cure for herpes at the moment as I have a dysbiosis and I tried lemon balm but it Disney do anything to me maybe I used it in the wrong way?

  25. It sounds like you would really benefit from taking daily antivirals

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