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  1. Being someone who goes to AA meetings, plenty of alcoholics wear suits. I’m currently a college student planning on entering law school with a decent GPA. The disease doesn’t care who you are, and this same comparing myself to others is the constant excuse I made to avoid treatment.

  2. A little hard to say how “meta” the deck is truly, but I’ve been having a lot of success with Kindred/Galio. It’s the same list posted here in this week’s Weekend Warriors post:

  3. This is awesome. One of my favorite shows growing up

  4. Do not fuck my brother. It is against god, and you ought to save your holy penis for holy reckoning. I hope this message comes before you successfully seduce said women into “sucking your cock.”

  5. Lee sin, because he just never seems to go away and is, imo, a pretty boring way to win the game

  6. Yeah Lee Sin as card feels boring to play especially his lvl up

  7. I think him being consistently at least somewhat meta and just running nearly the same deck makes it worse. It would thing to run Lee sin/Riven but it’s always the same damn Lee sin/Zoe deck

  8. The missing country I can’t infect in plague inc

  9. There’s a difference between “politics” and tokenism.

  10. I would even argue Bioshock changed Any Rand into Andrew Ryan due in part because their own biases. I at least think there's something to that argument. It didn't line up neatly with their world view.

  11. I would agree, even when not being a huge proponent of Rand. But it’s also still a video game and I don’t think Rand would encapsulate an underwater utopia lol

  12. I feel like all of my childhood years eating nothing but cheese or pepperoni pizza makes me need something more on there

  13. Africa most definitely had cattle slavery… I took a class on African history. They actually had basically any kind of slavery you can think of though their main types of slavery were indentured servitude and sexual/domestic slavery. They actually even had slaves who’s sole purpose was to work until it was time to sacrifice them to the G-ds. Like they knew from day one when and how they’d die.

  14. I’m not arguing they didn’t, and Africa as a continent has a whole variety of different histories of slavery. I’m just saying that the other comment is woefully misinformed on how cattle slavery in the US resulted in many difficulties in economic development for many African countries.

  15. It was Africa who sold other Africans into slavery though…

  16. I mean, yeah weed itself isn’t gonna make you some lazy dumbass, but it definitely can have negative consequences when addicted.

  17. It’s basically just tradition at this point. Being a retail worker during the holidays, it can kinda suck. People consistently are at their worst when holiday shopping.

  18. So you decided to post all your strong opinions about the case on the internet despite not having a clue what you’re talking about? Doesn’t seem like the best idea.

  19. It’s one aspect of my comment that I edited to include. My main point isn’t reliant on that singular piece of evidence.

  20. How about fries dipped in their ice cream? I’ve seen a bunch of people doing this at Wendy’s.

  21. It reminds me of a salty funnel cake for some reason. It’s the only way I eat a frosty there

  22. Consensual physical touch shouldn’t be so sexual imo. I remember when I wrestled in high school that there were times that dudes would give each other massages just to get rid of tight muscles and pain.

  23. I think my partner gets those too. He shouts in his sleep, speaking in some odd language, almost like he’s running from something. It’s so strange!

  24. Yeah, it really won’t ever make sense what they say when talking about dreams. Some people also do just talk in their sleep which isn’t necessarily a sign of night terrors or trauma.

  25. I’ve never experienced this before. No trauma. I have recorded him though. I assumed he was speaking in his second language, nope just some gibberish!

  26. Yeah, I remember hearing my twin talking in their sleep once and it freaked me out before becoming more annoying than anything else lol

  27. I just like shots because of efficiency, but tbh, unless you’ve kinda gotten used to the flavor of alcohol, it’s gonna be shit.

  28. I mean… I think it’s less about “why you broke up” and more “why do these things matter so much to you?”

  29. You can call it shallow and you can consider it as one of your deal breakers and that's fine, but just because something is shallow doesn't mean it's immoral or wrong

  30. I feel like it’s really just making sure everything is all properly lubed up and wet enough. I’m not a woman, but I know that it can feel pretty fucking awful for a dude to just ram it in at the start.

  31. You certainly don't seem to be the only one who thought that, judging by the downvotes. If that many people misinterpreted what I said then I clearly did a poor job of conveying my point. It's a heated subject. I can't really blame people for assuming someone being contrarian was disagreeing with them on all points.

  32. Yeah, I am definitely a person who gets heated on it lol. You’re definitely right in criticizing the underlying beliefs of the North and really I couldn’t see myself downvoting anything you’ve said.

  33. I’m glad you discovered this for yourself. Gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, trans… whatever is true to oneself’s happiness is what all LGBT+ members want

  34. I would say maybe get a T break or a change in the habit of daily smoking.

  35. Considering the price in Ohio MMJ, I’m making my carts count. You definitely got some more good hits with that

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