‘Tremors’ Star Fred Ward Has Passed Away at 79

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  1. Bro, that was a hell of a post, and represented everything I feel. I'm amazed at the morons who still say that everything happening now is still better than if Trump had won. REALLY, HOW?! Talk about brainwashed sheep.

  2. I have it (the original Sony ringtone version not the crazy midi YouTube version) as my ringtone on my work phone as you can download it on android, I can’t get it on my personal iPhone though.

  3. Remo Williams has always held a special place in my heart.

  4. Mine changes words to names like "I have to pay my Bill's" and "She Hope's it happens."

  5. i dont get all the negativity. Or maybe im biased, i love the godfather and know alot about the story behind the making of it, but im enjoying the show

  6. Sonny I've been meaning to talk to you. I think I could be doing a lot more for the family.

  7. Yeah, that's not unfair. Then again, that often appears to be the case with movie monsters and aliens. Just like it didn't seem threatening until it was, creatures tend to seem invulnerable until it's not.

  8. I'll admit, I was probably the only idiot who was totally surprised by the ending. I was all set to see the woman passed out and the fishermen save her while credits roll thinking that was a pretty solid movie. I was totally shocked to see the alien and Jake Gyllenhaal. I'm rarely surprised by movies, and I'll admit maybe being up 20 hours helped me not see that one coming, either way it was nice to be caught off guard here.

  9. I totally get it, I watched the ending three times because my brain couldn't process it and I didn't understand. What still confuses me though is why the woman's capsule got lost in the first place. I get why Gyllenhall ended up on earth, but why didn't she?

  10. She couldn't penetrate the atmosphere and bounced off. That's what Gyllenhaals capsule was supposed to do. Basically their plan reversed as Gyllenhaals was supposed to bounce while hers penetrated.

  11. Funny thing about it... I would not know you were trans if you had not told me. As far as I am concerned you can live your life the way you want as long as you don't infringe on anyone else life.

  12. Exactly, throw Trans people and conservatives in the social media square of Big Tech and Legacy Media and let's see who is excoriated and given death threats and who is loved and fawned over. Ffs, those 2 oligarchs of media power wont even recognize the problem of Lia Thomas racing biological females. And going from 300th something place to #1 national champion. This mysterious threateningnof trans people is nothing compared to what straight white males receive online now. Calls for genocide on white people dont even raise an eyebrow.

  13. Danni has a responsibility as the world #1 player, and he is failing to meet that responsibility. He represents Russia and is failing to speak out.

  14. Wow, more strong words from a clueless coward and keyboard warrior. Where was your outrage when the US was dropping bombs all those years. What's it like to be a hypocrite who sits idly by for years with his thumb up his ass not saying a fucking word when it's one side doing it, yet now virtue signaling it's okay when it's done to the other side? You're a coward.

  15. That fucking owl ate the entire thing and provided some shitty wisdom.

  16. She's obviously too stupid to understand that if Biden had the power to do anything then Trump would have done it when he was in power.

  17. No apology necessary. His narration made the video twice as good.

  18. It’s where a lot of Floridians come from 😂

  19. Ikr, dude tries to insult by asking if it's a conservative state because the drivers are dummies. Ends up being one of the most liberal states.

  20. I love how the excitement increases from the onlookers as the video plays out.

  21. There u go Once u know the process u can do as u may. Make it ur own I am a big fan of burgers and have done so many dif types but the process of the beef is always the same though. Every try a juicy Lucy?

  22. Maybe I'll try it, after my excitement over these smash burgers dissipates 😁

  23. Cooper sharp is your friend here. Its a sharp American. Melts like American, but tastes like actual cheese.

  24. For Philly Cheese steaks it needs to be American “cheese product” eg Kraft singles.

  25. I'd have never thought American Cheese was the top choice. American seems so plain to me, perhaps because it's the most recognized growing up with it.

  26. I can tell you that my grandmother's recipe is phenomenal, but I can no longer eat it because the acidity makes me sick as a dog from indigestion and heartburn. I still get tempted to make it even knowing my fate it's so f'ing good.

  27. I don't even particularly enjoy sweets and I'll still get tempted to eat a whole tray of these in a day.

  28. Update, just finished baking a batch of those chocolate chip cookies and they were next level, ty!

  29. I'm guessing you are tasting dill. Just take a standard recipe and cut out the dill and add some parmeasean

  30. Thank God we have that apolitical default sub politics where we can have balanced and intelligent debates from both sides of the political spectrum. Granted I just time traveled here from 10 years ago, but if there's one thing I can count on being the same it's that.

  31. Liberals depend on the government to hold their hands through life because they're too pussy to do it themselves.

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