1. w2c prada shades? link seems to be dead dear

  2. How'd you do it? I mean did you send thousands of CV's or?

  3. strategy was mainly reaching out to senior employees in firms that my profile fits the best for, also - applying for jobs with custom CV made just for that specific job description

  4. w2C those prada sunglasses? can't find in the imgur

  5. this looks weird to me - the difference in the back heel thingy but for the price it's good

  6. Thanks, I needed this. I have an interview for a job tomorrow that asked for 1-2 years of experience, but I only have 5 months

  7. I have, it's my 3rd month of being unemployed in a country where I don't speak the local language plus I'm far away from home, it's all about surrounding yourself with positivity, maintaining a good gut health, talking frequently with your loved ones and focusing on the job applications. I'm sure there's light at the end of this tunnel, we're in the same boat so all the best!

  8. I do some research on the company and go over the job description multiple times. I try to align my experiences with listed individual job responsibilities or duties.

  9. Thanks, could you share some examples of general questions to ask?

  10. Veja sneakers please, I find them rarely on here


  12. does A1 have a yuppoo? the weidian page is so hard to navigate, trynna find LJR obsidians

  13. hey great watch! how much did you pay for it?

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