1. You’re all a bunch of fucking idiots. 10 years from now when the republicans run this country and are turning it into a fascist dictatorship you’ll realize that this was not an issue worth arguing over. Go outside and protest

  2. The republicans are actively trying to oppress trans people and we are spending all of our energy arguing over a fucking video game

  3. I think you might like this obscure band i heard on the radio the other day called black sabbath

  4. Does it really matter? I don’t think it’s wise to assume in a romantic context but i wouldn’t say you are a bad person for it

  5. The more i hear about these streamers, the more i think the internet should be banned and the water supply drugged with lsd for the betterment of society

  6. And remember kids, there's always better media from artist who aren't bigots!

  7. No way you can find me someone who played guitar better than jimmy page (not a bigot but he raped children)

  8. Could yall just shut up about the stupid fucking harry potter game. I’m so fucking tired of hearing about this shitty ass game. Please

  9. You’re a gangstalker. You torture americans electronically hoping they’ll commit suicide.

  10. I've started calling it the "Mandanna effect" for two reasons. One, Nelson Mandela's legacy on the world deserves to be so much more than whether or not the Monopoly Man was circumcised or not. Two, it's funny to pretend like the name of the anomaly itself is apart of its own effect.

  11. “The narcissism that it’s more likely that there are parallel realities than me being simply wrong, because there are other people as dumb as I am”

  12. Redditors explaining how people are narcissistic for getting a logo mixed up and being to stubborn to admit they are wrong:

  13. Their first time jumping in a car? They probably would. Montoya’s first race was at Homestead. He qualified 29th and crashed and finished 34th.

  14. In his defense, the late 2000’s weren’t exactly a great time for chip ganassi racing

  15. F1 fans can get all caught up in the thought that F1 has the 20 best drivers in the world. I don’t believe that at all. They may have the top 5-10 or so open wheel drivers, but put them in a stock car or a dirt car and they won’t be anything close to what they are in open wheel.

  16. I mean to be fair, if you put the best nascar and dirt guys in an open wheel car they probably wouldn’t be that fast either. We all saw how jimmie performed at the road courses in indycar.

  17. Surprised johnson is as high up as he is, remember when he dnf’ed like 5 times in a row at the 500?

  18. My ass deadass thought there were people flying desantis flags in real life tokyo 💀💀💀

  19. Nicks book is fantastic at articulating his thoughts on the whole thing. Man is Switzerland, straight up. Just loves making music and driving cars

  20. Daily reminder that he literally raced at the 24 hours of le mans (one of the most prestigious and difficult races in the world) back in 1979 and got 2nd in his class

  21. They had a point about giving your money to transphobic people like jk rowling but the boycott only really pissed people off. Like you have a point but this isn’t a hill worth dying on.

  22. Also to say that people are transphobic for buying a video game connected to a transphobe is a bad take if you ask me. Am i a pedophile for liking led zeppelin?

  23. I think every tour to be honest. His vocals on the Wall songs from TINAD sounded exactly the same as they do on the DVD release of his tour from the 2010s

  24. How many album covers did you look at in a mirror to drum this up…?

  25. If you look at the album cover for the wall really closely and squint, the a and the 2 l’s in wall vaguely resemble 9/11

  26. Why are you scraping the bottom of the barrel for coincidences when israeli voices, israelis in vans, and thermite nanoflakes prove it was wrongdoing plenty enough with... Actual evidence

  27. Whatever you just said doesn’t change the fact that logical song is a banger

  28. I mean, Walter's not with us anymore and Donald notoriously had stage fright so, that's probably two good reasons.

  29. Ok, how about they send me up there as a one man cover band? I can’t play any instruments and can’t sing but i know all the lyrics to kid charlemagne off the top of my head and have 5 of their albums on cd. I am CLEARLY qualified, right?

  30. Either mussolini, pinochet, or ho chi minh. I voted pinochet before seeing ho chi minh, he would get my vote. Stalin was godawful, hitler and pol pot are in a league of their own

  31. The ever progressive europe. At least us americans don’t flip our shit if 2% of the people in our city are black people or muslims.

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