1. By all accounts they are like drugged up zombies in many places on the front line. Ignoring the wounded, climbing over the bodies of their dead, and sometimes not reacting normally to getting shot. Their commanders and government don't seem to give 2 shits if they live or die and some get shot by their own people if they go anywhere but forward. If that's the case I doubt they care if these guys have food or good shoes in the field, all they need is a gun of some kind (even a musket will do) and to live long enough to be part of the meat wave.

  2. I think in certain areas they know they are going to die, so they just wonder around looking to get lucky to die in the most painless way. That's why they look like zombies.

  3. "Everything is fine, as long as I'm not the one being fucked."

  4. I read those statements pretty often and they are so racist because it's always in the context that being Mongol is somewhat inferior to being European. I have no problem with having Mongolian genes in my body.

  5. You get it wrong. It is not about Mongols being inferior. It is about being aggressive or violent. Most Europeans don't see others as superior or inferior, just different. And aside from some ethnic minorities in the East, most Europeans see Russians as European, and politics don't change that.

  6. EU is completely useless. Russia could be invading your capital and you all would still have no idea how to mobilize.

  7. I just farted and it had a better content than your comment.

  8. No, Corrupt officials often get only dismissed, they get to keep the money they stole and move to Greece. The Ukrainian government is a revolving door of corruption and It would probably require a full regime change to fix things

  9. If they never come back, it worth the loss. Sure it would be better to prosecute them all but often they managed in ways to prevent corruption, and sometimes the consequences of prosecuting them are more costly than the benefit of punishing them and confiscate their money that usually is out of reach anyway, so, better just confiscate their real estate in the country and let them go, thresten them with prosecution if they come back, and inform the authorities of the country the move to, to keep an eye on their business and make them spend the maximum they can.

  10. It doesn’t matter if one corrupt official is gone because their is no incentive for their replacement to not be corrupt. The problem is systemic and not with individuals hence the revolving door

  11. That is why reforms should happen and laws rewritten as many may have been made to allow these corrupt officials to get away with it. Hence my point on letting them go. Many have been corrupt acting under laws that allowed them to do so.

  12. The Russian language is the language of the sheep. Russia wants to increase the size of it heard, so the shepherd get more rich.

  13. If they have 1000 functioning warheads I have 6 billion dollars.

  14. So you were the guy taking the money that was supposed to go for the maintenance and the tritium for the other 5000?

  15. You could send them tomorrow, the Ukrainians wouldn’t know what to do with them.

  16. There are Ukrainian pilots training on F16 in the US since July last year.

  17. Wishful thinking unless proven otherwise.

  18. At this point is naive to think that they didnt start already teaining months ago. I don't need to say that it is also stupid to believe that everything will make it to the news and there's no some level of secrecy and unknown strategies, because, it is not much of a secret, just not so much published.

  19. Nah, it will be Zelenskyy himself. No actor can play better the person.

  20. Don't be fooled. He knows what he's doing and going as far as this is because he wants a reaction. Best thing is to ignore the fucker and slam the door when he comes knocking, and sooner or later he will.

  21. Check if it is dead, frozen, if it is a zombie, or a orc... whatever... maybe just felt like kicking the pig.

  22. I'm wondering if somehow we can get sort of a drill. For example, how many

  23. DNR and LNR militias are mostely non existent at this point as they were the ones sent to the grinder at the fron during the fierce battles last year.

  24. Over 1/8 of a million. Unbelievable. How many sons and husbands will Russians allow to be thrown away?

  25. Sure it is a lot of people, but it is less then 1 person per 1000 in the whole Russian population. It is the same as 1 town of 5000 people having 5 men that died in Ukraine. It is a number that doesn't affect most of the population, so, given how Russians are selfish and don't give a fuck about the suffering of others, nothing will change.

  26. The thing is, Putin is so devoted on creating reality through media control and propaganda, and invested so much in it that nowadays Russia is a psychologically sick brainwashed nation with illusions of grandeur, and the anger from cognitive dissonance directed to Ukraine.

  27. Pretty sure there is, especially when you see the Nimitz incidents and various other videos and account of distinguished pilots

  28. Fermi didn't say hard proof, he didn't ask why we haven't captured one yet.

  29. We just think that we are already very advanced that we woukd be able to easily capture them, if they were the knew getting here and not us there, when 100 years ago which was yesterday we were still riding horses to get anywhere faster.

  30. The problem is that the Ukrainian government probably is fostering unrealistic expectations. And this can potentially backfire quite a bit.

  31. The Ukrainian government should be frontally told that is not the EU that is going to do the job in Ukraine for it to become a member. It is up to Ukraine to do the job.

  32. Given the cases of corruption in just the past 2 weeks alone, I doubt they'll even get access in the foreseeable future.

  33. If you knew Ukraine and its past filled with corruption sponsored by Russia you would be more optimistic and see the last 2 weeks as significantly positive development.

  34. Reddit is filled with unbelievably stupid people.

  35. I would like to show you something called Facebook and Twitter...

  36. In the future, wars will be fought at the dinner table.

  37. As I said my last point is conjecture but has a remarkable following within UK political and military circles. Biden remember is far from friendly towards the UK especially over Northern Ireland.

  38. I could go on counter arguing all that, but oh well, it is dificult when what you say is a shitty mix of bit of reality with lots of imagination that you turn into some future predictions.

  39. Descending into insults is the sign of a beaten individual.

  40. Taking it as an insult is a sign of a weak mind.

  41. I like to think that the allies played Putin, allowing him to do rubbish for years and then sucking him into this disaster. This war finishes him off

  42. The way that Putin had been waging a silend war against the west and nobody was talking about it, could only be stupid incompetence or actually a smart and well played strategy.

  43. That tells pretty much about Russians in general. They consider theirs whatever they can take by force and not taken back by fight. It is like they didn't evolve from animals to humans, but to pure bullies.

  44. It might not even be Russian thugs, it might just be Kadyrov's thugs.

  45. They are to busy in Ukraine making tiktok uploads.

  46. I wonder if you still have nails, knowing how much these suffer with the cognitive dissonance, anxiety and fear.

  47. M1 Abrams has export version it's what Iraq's have, it's what Saudi's use in Yemen.

  48. Hey, don't forget to send an email explaining this to Zaluzny.

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