‘Pro-Life’ Herschel Walker Paid for Girlfriend’s Abortion

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  1. Thank you, I'll be in that area later today!!

  2. Not an option as I'm leaving town on Thursday. Just need to pick something up!

  3. These people just have to pull the old “I was struggling with my faith but Jesus helped me realize the error of my ways so I am saved” excuse that they inevitably spout

  4. They are always pro life until they are in a situation where they have a temporary lapse in judgement, and that always happens right when they need an abortion, or need someone to get an abortion. Odd how that works?

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  11. Who do they aim the nukes at? If allied forces are barreling towards Moscow, who does Russia bomb in an effort to stop the advance?

  12. They take out the world. Not the advancing army only.

  13. Probably not. It's still 'just' Kiev and in the eyes of the other nuclear-armed countries that still leaves plenty of room to not have to respond in a way that result in Russian nukes for them as well.

  14. There would be NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine within hours. Yeah wouldn't enter actual Russia, they would ensure Ukraine's borders and the Russians who happened to be on the wrong side of it would be very unlucky.

  15. It's a water bottle. How can anyone tell you what is safe and what is not? Buy a new one or drink some tap water if you are concerned.

  16. It’s sealed and somehow has contracted over time. I’m curious if anyone knows why or if it changes it’s drinkability.

  17. Your question has nothing to do with Austin still.

  18. Leaving this up because it happened in Austin, but Texas political discussion should be taken to

  19. A word of advice: Bicycles get stolen from bars more frequently than not. Use the strongest lock you can buy.

  20. Sit outside with the bike nearby is even better.

  21. If you are in North Austin, there is one on Tuesdays called North Austin Social Ride, that is just a park and the a bar after as well.

  22. If you want another Abbott vs Beto argument, take it to

  23. I'm sure OP just wants to escape his kids one afternoon and have a good old fashioned nap.

  24. I bookmarked this 2 months ago, but haven’t actually read it (pardon the pun) -

  25. Sitting in Singapore this minute, not remote working, but on a business trip.

  26. Apparently not, I read US as UAE, therefore, I am an idiot.

  27. Are the rates higher in Austin than other cities?

  28. It was a fun ride. No broken bones. Honestly. We went around the Capitol and blocked traffic for a while. Waved at many happy people in cars going down Cesar Chavez. There may have been beers and wine. But there was definitely a fucking good time. 🖖🏾💪🏾👊🏾

  29. Easy way to not get people to go on your rides you advertise...

  30. Cyclists don’t give a shit about rules of the road.

  31. Have you seen all the posts on here complaining about drivers not giving a shit about rules of the road? It goes both ways.

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