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  1. mt baldy sure grew since i left... must be the real estate prices. No, LA does not really look like this and mt baldy is rarely visible. Just a really skilled photographer on a lucky, clear day.

  2. Interestingly how this was posted in a russian telegram as a Russian attack video. How often do they switch sides?

  3. A lot of footage gets dual accredited. It's always interesting to see what people say/think when something is posted with the wrong attribution. I honestly can't tell who is who in this footage. It could be Ukrainian, it could be Russian, there are no tell-tale signs that go either wya.

  4. It's true, there is no way to tell because they both use the same light attack aircraft. Been getting a lot more footage attributed to UKR when it's actually Russian though. I'm sure it works in reverse in the east, lol.

  5. is that how he got in the wheel chair?

  6. I guess all are paid actors, since Russians raped every single civilian, according to bbc and Reuters.

  7. All the fing libtards going nuts about some fake news because musk obviously woke up and went conservative!

  8. ok I'm the ass, wrong article... but here's one from this article: "In general, more than 4,700 people have been killed in militant-controlled areas since the beginning of hostilities"

  9. 2021 was also the year with the lowest civillian casualties since the conflict began, so kind of a shitty moment for russia to pull up an complain about genocide and go ahead and kill more civillians in 2 months than have died in the entire donbas conflict.

  10. oh, that was all politics and overconfidence. To be fair, they were TRYING to take a page out of the west's war book. Thanks to the BS pulled in Kosovo in 1999, now they're using it as an excuse.

  11. Lots of semen trends to grow bacteria there.

  12. i think the biggest pussy here is the narrator.

  13. ToS is becoming shit… intraday margin turned off (with already high margin requirements) and no SPX options 24/5 is a joke

  14. I'm pretty sure it's coming, just stand by.

  15. When I asked a month or so ago, the ToS rep stated there was no timeline for extended SPX options.

  16. it's already enabled, i just checked. Make sure you speak to trade desk and not just a broker... a lot of them don't know.

  17. Holding cash is NOT ALWAYS BAD, as long as it's not a long term plan. WB has held and is still holding a tremendous amount of CASH (during the runup)... why do you think that is?

  18. hope there was permanent brain damage. Skater should also seek out new friends.

  19. OP constantly posts bull shit on here and a ton of clickbait. I would suggest blocking OP as to avoid being annoyed by null shit. UKR twitter team employee... must be paid in Hryvnas!

  20. Shitty bot. UKR twitter team outsourcing development to India?

  21. Who would have thought LeBron attracted racists?!? Hmmmmmm.

  22. I say fake and seeking attention. Why block out the number? Open to debate!

  23. The DOOR FRAME can hold your weight. The molding of such, definitely not.

  24. OP, you're not very smart. In fact, you're a moron. And anyone who thinks this is a real pic, with a horribly photoshoped photo on the front... yep, you're a moron too.

  25. ah, missed that. Then I'm dumb... i take responsibility.

  26. Don't understand why the Chinese and Australians dislike each other... they have so much in common.

  27. It wouldn't cut off the water supply but it would reduce the pressure. Whoever did this is either very lucky or very highly skilled and am owner of a very expensive scope.

  28. Sure am, bout to be 4 years in a few weeks, it's been great.

  29. dolls don't count! BTW, i love how calm you are... Definitely resisting my trolling... gotta respect that.

  30. I respect that you respect my easy going nature, still "fuck them kids."

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