1. 10. Riki & Reyn - Their quotes always made me laugh. They are very hard not to put together.

  2. Similar to the person who got an order about multiple onions The weirdest sub I've ever made was a guy who just wanted his sub completely submerged. oil oil oil vinegar vinegar. Like I for sure thought he was going to make a complaint because when I was wrapping the sub the vinegar was seeping through the paper. I had to wrap it twice over.

  3. Customer wanted a veggie sub, extra mayo. But not normal amounts of extra mayo, oh no, he wanted half the container. Fine fine, a little excessive but whatever. His veggies? Onions. Lots and lots of onions. My man made a mayonnaise and onion sub. Happy as a clam eating it in the sitting area. To date still the weirdest I've ever made

  4. I've dealt with customers who just tell me to keep adding more and more onions or black olives. It's kind of worrying at times.

  5. Hey guys instead of being negative what are one of two things you think publix can do to make the deli even better?

  6. Make deli better? Maybe hire people who actually want to put in the work. Too many people come into deli expecting to be hand held through everything. If they are giving out fliers to people. They need to be honest to people about what they are getting into before they get hit in the face with reality.

  7. I heard evaluations are not based off attendance anymore. So it doesn't make sense

  8. Order a sandwich, click -"I want to make it a salad." when it gives you a bread option

  9. Alright so, this is going to need some context.

  10. I used to pick up all the time for work and then the one day I called out. They shit on me, so I stopped coming in.

  11. I would recommend Publix but I wouldn't recommend the Deli. I only recommend the deli if they are a cashier/bagger trying to make higher pay. I like the deli but sometimes it can break you. I've questioned my life choices in the deli because it's just overwhelming how much peers can react to you.

  12. Depends on the manager. Deli is like a wishy-washy-death trap. You can have a manager that really doesn't care versus one who does. I've spoke to a manager and they were like, just take a vacation for a week and then come back. If it doesn't work out, you can put in your 2 weeks.

  13. deli mgr at my store was an absolute ghost. if it hadnt been for the portrait on the wall no one woulda recognized her.

  14. A coworker of mine posted a picture here and was identified by their manager.

  15. Sauce only comes free with pound of tenders and I think quick bites

  16. 10 wings as well, quick bites it comes included

  17. If your moving to a new store its not ideal to stop showing up because you still can be fired for no call no show.

  18. Lady got mad because I called her husband. Honestly I was calling for the white bread we didn't have. She didn't even let me get that far for awhile because I said excuse me is [x] male name there? [on the order]

  19. Im total out of the loop, what kind of billboard are we talking about here?

  20. Just google FFXIV rp billboard you'll thank me later.

  21. yep, I suspect lots of suspensions. Hopefully people won't attend, if they are smart. There's been some discussion that the servers might crash all together. Like Bahamut came to visit that beach and give everyone error 3001 again.

  22. But also people do need consequences for decisions.

  23. SE GM was on the official forums today. Basically condoned the "harassment" towards the FC lead and deleted the entire post. So obviously the fault is with the players for overblowing it, let SE handle the FC lead. Don't get the ban hammer trying to overstep them.

  24. family friendly? like, they suspend their regular services that evening or something?

  25. They had plans to use their erp card. They could have made a new one + new discord but didnt. Advertised it to a well known small streamer and well it didn't go well because they lied. They even lied on Asmons stream on a voice call saying nothing was modded.

  26. -A note to people coming in this while its hilarious and funny asf. Was proven not made by any of the FC members or staff. Just some rando who joined and tried to stir the pot.

  27. A GM deleted the official forums post talking about the billboards. They condemned the "harassment" so I heard so there's that.

  28. Lol if this goes viral, everyone involved in this will get absolutely fucked. SE is notorious for cracking down on anyone using their ip. Worst part is they also used their company logo šŸ˜‚

  29. Using the company logo is fine according to the TOS. Just they fucked up on every other count. The Mods, the sponge bob font, the datamining, the pornhub discord...

  30. I saw a Wow player made a video about how he joined Aether server novice network and asked about the end game. To which a slew of mentors insulted him telling him to keep at his baby sprout msq then actually giving an answer. To which he points out he is asking as a former wow player who does plenty of end game content. To again was backhanded by the FF community. It was that they informed the player base watching that they would not continue their trial experience because of these "Mentors" toxicity.

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