1. it's been a while but i remember one of the customers used to order a two plain hamburger combo, w a medium diet coke less ice + a medium diet coke no ice 💀 thru the drive thru & she would say her order w the same words every time—i think she was used to new hires 😂😂

  2. Yes, they have been used not claimed by anyone here

  3. how do u tell?? cus i literally JUST scratched the codes right before posting 😭😭😭

  4. i JUST revealed the codes when i posted 🥹🥹🥹 im sorry idk where they went then

  5. i work at a bubble tea shop now! can't escape the customer service...

  6. i had a couple who came by regularly who would order two egg mcmuffin combos, but substitute the meat for a slice of tomato, no they don't want to pay for the tomato slice, and the managers just let it pass

  7. all of my characters get to 80; 4* are capped at 80/80 & my 5* get to climb to 90 from 80

  8. the THINGS i would do for a enemies to lovers route!!! i want the tension so thick i can cut it w a knife!!

  9. i can't remember what i used to name my animals back on HMDS except for the pets; my cat was always named kiki (but i have no idea what my dog was named 😂)

  10. ur posts make want to make the food every time 😂😂 AND gets me hungry in class 😂

  11. i was so sad PoOT didn't have the plush w the preorder & it was in the deluxe version only 😭 it was too expensive then! i wanted to play! now it's cheaper and i've been in agony what do if i get another copy of the game

  12. one of my friend farmed all the spectre mats so i could max lvl all the talents i needed 🥺 also carries me thru bosses with my baby characters bcus i just want to lvl their friendship haha

  13. W friends! and omg that amt of crystal core is insane 😵‍💫

  14. it's very therapeutic sometimes 😂 just head empty for a good hour

  15. im so sad i missed the autograph session 😭😭 but the lines were insane to the point it got confused w another event at the con 😥

  16. ghibli themed,,, spirited away,, or plant themed! ghibli has the dreamiest visuals and then i can't keep real plants alive to save my life 💀 fake ones, on the other hand...

  17. keqing: lost 50/50 on zhongli, no idea what i was doing

  18. three colour dessert (che ba mau) is one of my favourite 🥺🥺

  19. keeb opinion: there is no bad keeb and all clicks are valid. (i say that but i've only tried brown switches :'))

  20. scorbunny bcus my sister chose sobble & i didn't want to do the same and between rillaboom and cinderace, fire bunny won 😂😂

  21. the new restaurant manager after the previous one did not like crew members, only shift leaders. my uni semester was also starting soon so i just dropped my notice

  22. did you have to work 2 weeks before you could leave? or did you just not show up?

  23. i worked the 2 weeks bcus it's the ~right~ thing, but since then i've seen often that you can just walk out the same day—just don't put them as a reference :') that notice really is just a courtesy

  24. i had cinderace, froslass, drednaw, haxorus and hatterene! that last slot ended up being me evolving various pokémons during my playthrough, and then the legendaries when i got them

  25. Personally I don’t think it’s a bad job to start with if u have no experience but what makes it difficult are the people around you. I had rude co-workers who excluded me out of their conversations, gave me dirty looks, raised their voices and yelled at me. And in fact it was only until the last day on the job that I found out that there was an employee WhatsApp group chat. Felt like I was really disliked there even though I was just trying to do my job. But yea I guess that’s why it made me hate McDonald’s so much, cause of the people who work there.

  26. i had the opposite experience! when i started, my coworkers were all friendly & nice, and i enjoyed working with them! the crew members (part-time & full-time) did have a snapchat group to switch shifts around, and that was the only group chat we had to my knowledge.

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