1. I saw leaks, and if u liked heat, it's heat but much better in every department

  2. I did. I feel like one of the few that seems to like the “street graffiti”/anime aesthetics of the cars in this one.

  3. Story, campaign wise, and handling seems very good qng head above heat, according what I saw, and anime/street/graffiti style is yes, really piping out of screen, but would say - in fresh and tasty way, whole style of ui, world and so one feels like one piece and I can't streets enough how better than last few installments, even tho heat had solid retrowave vibe - this another level of immersion 8n the setting. Maybe I'm sound overexcited, but I don't expected to see what I saw 2vdays ago it's shocked me, how cohesive game, with style, vibe, story and gameplay, I didn't saw it in nfs for long time, really long

  4. I just want a fresh racing game. Forza 5 was great but there’s no style. At some point, you want a racing game to engage your sense.

  5. Small maps that people can just do laps around.

  6. There should be a 29.99 version that’s MP only yes.

  7. You think gay and trans people don't play racing games? You're kidding right?

  8. I didn’t say that. I said that I don’t understand why they need to put this Agenda everywhere and every time. What’s the point of pushing it everywhere?

  9. You literally said that. You know that there are different ways to say things right? I’m the B in LGBTQ and I love racing games. Sexual preference and gender are not inherent determiners for what video games people play.

  10. Only EA play pro or preorder palace edition members get to play on 29th. Every other can play only on Dec 2 or 3 depending on timezone

  11. Regaular EA Play members can access the 10 hour trial on the 29th

  12. Does anyone know what time on the 29th?

  13. I've done it, its not fun, but here are some tips that can maybe help.

  14. Thank you for taking the time. I love potatoes and I love making bread. I was a chef for 25 years before I changed direction. And just now I’m learning so much I never knew.

  15. I’m enjoying it. Not yet as much as Vermintide II but time will tell.

  16. I readily admit it needs polish, but I mean beta. And it is being polished before our eyes. They made big gains on optimization in a week. Still a ways to go, but they are clearly working like fiends. I think the gameplay itself is head and shoulders above Vermintide. It might need tweaking, but it as an IRL Marine, the additional of the ranged mobs changed the game. They respond how they should, and they force you to think, move, and cover as you should. It's fantastic feeling when me and the boys roll in a squad just like its the old days, taking on hordes of heretics and staring death in the eye every second. We usually play Malice+ so never a dull time lol. It's addictive, man.

  17. Yeah it’s very pretty, very solid gameplay, and a lot of things that MP games should be doing but aren’t.

  18. But it's true isn't it? At least own it. I bought it and I know I'm part of the problem too🤷‍♀️

  19. I agree. I think it’s fantastic and time will be on its side. We hail games with far more bugs as masterpieces. This game…this is what I’ve wanted a Pokémon game to be for the longest time.

  20. That’s why why I love it. I love body horror. Khezu is a Cronenberg baby.

  21. People are mentioning a bundle but I don't see it on Steam. Is this Switch only?

  22. You don’t have to fight anything dozens of times. That’s dramatic. It’s also Monster Hunter, the game built around farming monsters over and over. It just may not be your cup of tea.

  23. Rise is not MH6 because it is the 5th Gens Portable Title. Every gen has one main title and one portable one.

  24. They’re no longer numbered like that though. They’re just entries in the franchise. Rise is the next game after World. There’s no 5 or 6. They stopped after 4.

  25. Rise is new and has the most active base. It’s also going to be supported for awhile. World has no support so you can go back later and play it. Play Rise while it’s new.

  26. She’s being manipulated by an ex who abused and gaslit her for a decade. It’s not about me. It’s about finding out who is fucking with her. Her safety trumps my security in this.

  27. I have no idea who it is. I suspect it’s her ex. I don’t anything though.

  28. Is this the one with the Tarkov mode? I’ve always been interested in Tarkov, but I don’t play PC games.

  29. Where has activision admited to using it? I tried googling it and didn't see anything official.

  30. They haven’t. This is just another whiner who is upset he can’t stomp new players unfairly.

  31. I had every intention of buying it, but with the performance, shallow open world, and lame pokemon designs, I'm passing. Hopefully my experience isn't unique.

  32. Me too. I was really excited. I wasn’t worried about content, graphics, or the radical changes in exploration.

  33. Warzone is less than half the COD experience. You’re rationalizing like everyone else here.

  34. I mean we got Kiriko for "free" remember? And we can now buy old free skins for 20 bucks and pay for the next hero. Isn't that the gamer's dream?

  35. Nobody in the entire world has to pay for Kiriko.

  36. I have the battle pass so I’m just curious:

  37. You’re struggling because of your skill. Not because people use controllers.

  38. Why would you get anymore battle pass tokens if you’re finished?

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