1. LOVE the causal vibe - I have a few thing similar to both so gonna try them all out and see which is best

  2. A white oversize button down worn open and some black pants could work.

  3. I think a button down could be cute too - I have a few but not plain white - one of the button downs has some blue hues so i was debating pairing it with some light wash denim for to bring together all the blues

  4. Cute dress but I’d lose the boots

  5. what do you think for shoes then?? it pairs well with sneakers or i have these slides (suicokes) for a street wear look

  6. u kinda look like Halsey! Also it looks rly good!

  7. Am I the only one that thinks that cowboy boots could go with EVERYTHING?? LOL Anyways love the romper and yes wear the boots!!!

  8. I love the skirt! The motion it brings is beautiful!

  9. JACKET. Ugh those sleeves! Are they wider/thicker around the lower arm?? Seriously looks so good.

  10. Ok color coordination!The way your pants sit with your shoes looks so good. Where's the jacket from??

  11. Need to see!! Do you have images? I loveee making pillows too.

  12. Huge fan of the color. What material did you use?

  13. Definitely a bag of some sort! Coin bags - I love those. Tote bags!

  14. love the vibe with the background. denim blues

  15. Love these! I want to make a pair now!!

  16. Is this done with a serger? How do you get the wavy effect?

  17. Yes done with a server three thread!! Called a lettuce hem

  18. ahhh thank you!! such an old pic - so crazy how our styles evolve over the years.

  19. This is giving me Julia Fox vibes and I’m into it. Also yes to lines wrapping around the gloves, although I’d keep the spacing wide so it doesn’t become overwhelming to the eye.

  20. yaassss we need julia fix in this. and agreed on the spacing. thanks for the reminder

  21. Not currently but have seen lots of opportunities on LinkedIn, have you tried there?

  22. What's the requested attire? Formal, semi-formal, casual?

  23. We need kim k to get Saint in this! I love the design. Great work.

  24. This is so cute! It also reminds me of an eye.

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