1. Unconfirmed, but there were none for sale during the refresh launch, and none for sale today either (Thursdays @ 7am PST AMD holds their live queues to buy reference GPUs at MSRP). In fact they didn't even host the live queue today.

  2. Woot is owned by amazon so I am curious if that still falls under the same umbrella. Not sure though.

  3. Can confirm that warranties are not honored through Woot purchases. Had a JBL Bluetooth speaker that stopped working after 6 months. JBL wouldn't honor the warranty or service the device without a fee.

  4. Unless you really like the look of these I would probably look elsewhere. These have a combined wire that has to be used with the included hub which is powered by molex vs individual wires that you can use with your own hardware without needing to go through the trouble to re-wire them. After trying countless different fans and hubs this is my least favorite to work with although it does reduce wire clutter I suppose.

  5. Mind mentioning what you like better? I have an old NZXT hub with 4 fans and 2 light strips I want to replace. I've moved on from Windows, and can't get OpenRGB on Linux to control these. I grabbed this deal and the pro to try and see what works, but want to see what else is out there.

  6. Should I feel bad for getting an Rx 6700 a coupon of weeks ago from AMD?

  7. Absolutely not. There's almost no difference between the two, and I think the only difference is the faster memory. Benchmark videos show it having 5-10% better FPS, but price increased 15%.

  8. Is it me, or are they changing up the start times for these queues? Either way, good luck all!

  9. Yeah looks like the only consistent time is Thursday 7am PST. I checked AMD's site today 6:20am-ish PST and queue was up. No consistency.

  10. Anyone have a tl;dr on the differences between all of corsair's fans?

  11. 6900 XT has consistently been in stock. I was holding out for the 6800 XT, but decided I couldn't wait any longer. Went there to purchase the 6900 XT and then found the 6800 XT just waiting there.

  12. I see.. i thought they email people or something. Do you know if AMD always open queues on Tue/Thursday 7am PST?

  13. I'll be driving to reno in about 3 weeks for work. Hit me up if it's still available by then lol

  14. I'll be in reno in about 3 weeks for work. Driving. If it's still available then, I can probably take it off your hands lol

  15. It's so sad that DeSantis suicided himself Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 at 9:27am by multiple gunshots to the back of his head.

  16. Maybe I just haven't built anything in too long but where is your power supply?

  17. Aw man, the first time I’m ready to jump on this deal and it’s not available in white.

  18. Does Steelseries have a "G-Shift" type of function we can program into the mouse?

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