1. Is already it own token. Stop posting this thing.

  2. Same with Samsung A52. I just live with it lol

  3. I did try to restart my phone then it will work again.

  4. Coinbase is not that important after all.

  5. Go with SafePal even it is harder to use. Because is SAFER than those metamask, trustwallet.

  6. Technical analysis WON'T WORK in current market sentiment.

  7. Thank you, as I believe I may have misunderstood. Any USDC I have lent into v1 is, as good as gone (Short of Deus repaying loans...) But, a consolidation is I can take out whatever my loan limit is on that dead USDC (75%).

  8. Deus didn’t rekt scream fusd did. In fact deus tried to save scream. Be mad at fusd and scream for hardcoding fusd. Most of the bad debt from fusd

  9. There is two issue which both drive the insolvency of scream v1.

  10. Can't recommend Creditum at all, project is designed to reward insiders at the expense of newcomers. DYOR, but my recommendation is to stay far away. This is one of those projects that should disappear for the good of FTM.

  11. Is not just Creditum, is the entire dev team of it.

  12. Creditum is run by the same team running Scream. Which closely related to shien110 and xam-darnold.

  13. Lafa (Deus) = Sifu x100 + Daniele x100 + Iron Finance x 1.

  14. spooky [dot] fi (Are you using this website ?)

  15. APY is always fluctuate. The median is the "closest" APY you will get in a year.

  16. Polygon is Layer 2, Fantom is Layer 1, Ethereum is Layer 1

  17. Upvoted. Please up vote my comment back. TQ.

  18. You have to connect your wallet to v1 to see your asset.

  19. Does any one know if FVM will be compatible with all other EVM's?? Like BSC, Harmony, Tron etc

  20. To my knowledge FVM Is will still be EVM compatible.

  21. He never leave fantom. Is confirmed by Michael Kong in the previous AMA.

  22. YOU ALL BETTER CHECK rugdoc[DOT]io on this rug project.

  23. Andre has never left Fantom. This have be confirmed in AMA with Fantom CEO Michael Kong.

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