1. No, I got one in my winter box this year and it’s awful. It has a beautiful vessel but it tunnels horribly. And I do everything right like cutting the wick, letting it burn for a long time, etc. The throw is also not very great. The candle they also listed above I got the exact candle in an edit sale a couple seasons ago for $10-$15. They are SCAMMING YOU ALL! I cancelled after the winter edit sale. Those products sucked.

  2. I canceled right before this past winter box and got a refund for the remainder of my annual subscription (winter would have been my 2nd box), that was before the stopped giving refunds, I guess lol.

  3. It’s called the haps candle btw!!! Yeah I was a subscriber since early 2020 and seeing the quality and selection of products go severely downhill since then has been baffling. Not spending my hard earned money on that!!! I’ll stay in the FFF community for their resell groups tho 🤣

  4. That's right. I ended up looking up their trademarks to figure out the name LOL. I got kicked out of the fff community board when I canceled my annual subscription. I loved being in the community there, it was fun; but, not fun enough to spend my money on dollar tree crap for inflated rates lol.

  5. Sort of. I had them cancel my annual. I ended up getting an email stating that my box would process soon, so, I went on and checked my account. Sure enough, they DID, in fact, cancel my annual, however, they switched it to a seasonal subscription lol. So, I went and canceled the seasonal myself because it hadn't processed yet. Maybe that's what happened to you?

  6. I cancelled my membership last week and it was an interesting experience. I have requested they delete my info to avoid their "accidental" box charge next Spring and havent heard back about that.

  7. That almost happened to me with this winter box. What happened is when I had them cancel my annual membership, they switched it to a seasonal membership. So, just go in and check your account, make sure you're not signed up for seasonal...if you are, then you can just cancel it yourself real quick.

  8. Yeah, they tried to do cute wording in the email, which screwed up their intent for the credit. You thought that you were getting a $10 credit STARTING on day 5 of the 12 day sale; their intent was a $10 credit FOR the 5th day of the sale. It wasn't clearly stated in the email (unless there's small print somewhere), so, it leaves it up to interpretation.

  9. My mother in law called them to cancel last year I think 🤔 it was fall 2020 or fall 2021, they confirmed they cancelled and then sent her a box anyways and charged her for it.

  10. Maybe what happened to your mom happened to me. I canceled my annual, but then they put me automatically on a seasonal subscription, without my even asking for it! I didn't know until I logged in to my FFF account and checked my account settings and saw that it was going to process soon! I canceled the seasonal online myself before it processed, thank goodness. This was for this past box (I canceled before the winter box was charged).

  11. It will be close, but I wouldn't hold my breath lol. And as for canceling, I tried doing that awhile ago on a pending order and they said that it had already processed through their system so they couldn't cancel it.

  12. And that's exactly why they do the automatic checkout. To prey on people who have busy lives and forget to check on menial stuff like your FFF cart. They stated it themselves in an interview last year. They have absolutely no shame.

  13. Do you have a link to that interview? It doesn't surprise me, but that is definitely scummy and scammy.

  14. No I don't. It was posted in the community forum a month or so ago, but, I've since been kicked out once I canceled my annual membership. You may be able to find it posted on here somewhere.

  15. So, you're telling me you have to spend a MINIMUM of $143 to get $110 back in credit? That's getting one $4.99 item for 12 days and paying shipping for the single item. Eh, I think not.

  16. I'd get on CS chat Immediately. Right when they say hello, immediately send all the pictures of your crushed up products and state that you'd like replacements or a refund for the items that were ruined. You could also be nice about it and say that you got your box today and found that 3 of the products were ruined and you'd like replacements or a refund (I do NOT suggest getting a credit on your account, which they surely WILL offer you).

  17. Holy cow! I've never had to wait for them. I get on from the main FFF page and I've always gotten someone right away.

  18. Notttt a fan. It's actually the first thing that's made me cautious of FFF going under. Causebox did it. Ipsy does it and their stuff is trash (imo). It was a big red (pink) flag for me. They'll start putting their own cheaper stuff in the box as options and I am out.

  19. They sort of already do that with in-house brands. But now, they turned FFF into an actual brand....when people already don't trust them to provide good NAME brand products anymore? I'm unsure about their timing lol.

  20. If you use the link, you can access the Edit sale (at least I was able to) that was going on, as well as The Shop.

  21. For me, it's all the "hero" items being expired beauty products. All the other products have been cheap dollar store type items, or things you can get on amazon for both a better price AND better quality. They seem to be price-gouging everything.

  22. Oh, I'd be furious. I hope you get at least SOME of the items you bought. If not, I'd demand a refund, especially with the proof you have.

  23. LOL. When this happened to me (they actually sent me the WRONG item), I took a picture of the packing slip, what I had originally ordered, the items I got in my box, and a close-up of the one particular item they got wrong lol. I felt like a lion jumping through a hoop on fire just for a face cream LOL

  24. I was gonna say, I'd refuse the credit and state I wanted a replacement or a refund for the item lol. They tried to do that to me when I canceled my annual. Nope, you can't buy me!

  25. This happened to me also this week! The FedEx driver messed up and sent it to the wrong address. Since they took a pic of where it was delivered they are saying it was delivered! But it wasn’t my house!! I wish the recipient would have contacted FedEx or brought it the the correct address! This person received 3 boxes of “free” FabFitFun items meant for someone else. If they have someone else’s name on it, then I would have made every attempt to find the person and make sure they received it and call FabFitFun. When people receive other people’s mail/packages, I have a real problem with it.

  26. This happened to me! My neighbor got my Spring box. I didn't even notice until she came over and said "hey, I thought this name looked familiar, is it yours?" lol. She's an older lady...super nice of her to do!

  27. Aw, I hope it winds up being better than expected! Also, has he considered subscribing to a men's box, like the GQ one? I've thought of gifting my husband a subscription but am not sure which one he'd like.

  28. Have you looked into the Bespoke Post box? It's targeted towards men, though I like a lot of the stuff on there, too lol. It's a monthly box, though, from what I could tell. Each month, they have a slew of different boxes curated for you that you can pick from; however, if you happen to find another one listed somewhere else on the interwebs, I found that you can search for it and most likely choose it. They seem super high quality, too. Now, they do have some in-house brands like FFF does--including a candle with the same reusable outer casing and metal container refills, but, at least Bespoke Posts company (whatever their brand is) states that the metal insert refill tin is recyclable, which is good. But, at least the quality seems to be there at Bespoke least for some things. Their knife offerings look dope, anyway.

  29. I tried the bespoke box but as we live in Canada and on the west coast in a forested ocean area most of the stuff that they're selling we know are low quality. We don't really need a tiny handheld hatchet when we have a big giant actual hatchet if you get my drift 🤣. Most of it just looks like outdoor stuff for people who live in condensed suburbs or packed metropolitan areas. ..and that's coming from a Canadian West coaster who is definitely a city girl! If you like bespoke take a look at Vancouver Island those boxes are pretty much a starter pack for success if you want to move over here. Unfortunately most of the men's packs seem to be kind of on the same vibe. Oh well live and learn thanks for your suggestions though I really appreciate it. ❤️

  30. Oh man, I totally understand. Thanks for letting me know!! We have 2.5 acres of our own woods (which doesn't seem like much compared to what you probably have), so little dinky things aren't my vibe, either. Small, cause I'm small, is fine...but quality is necessary.

  31. I ordered something from a company one time (I don't remember which one, but not FFF), and it was being shipped to the same CITY, but different STATE LOL. I had to laugh when I saw my tracking went from Illinois, to Columbus (Ohio), to Toledo (Ohio), down to Tennessee, and Georgia. I live near Cleveland, Ohio.... I DID eventually get my package...I don't remember how, bu I did lol.

  32. Didn't they originally say it was going to go to like, $90??? lol. People started seeing the reviews of the box and didn't think it was worth it for that price. Probably why the price reduction. However, why on earth would someone pay $15 MORE? LOL. They need to get their heads on straight and make a decision lol

  33. Good for you! I chose to buy me 2 really cute eyeshadow palettes with my annual refund (winter would have been my 2nd box, but I chose NOT to get it and canceled before customizations opened).

  34. That mug has a retail value of $14.95. I'm sorry, but that mug looks like a child was given a bunch of vinyl stickers and go haywire on decorating the mug. Definitely agree that it's not winter at's leftover stock.

  35. Oh man, I had to do that once. The amount of pictures I had to send them. And the fact that I had to repackage everything cause I had already taken everything out of the box and put them was irritating lol. Luckily for me, they just sent me the wrong item from the same brand, instead of your situation, where you literally have nothing to take a picture of lol.

  36. It was kate Somerville.. don't put that💩on Kate spade 😅

  37. Oh my goodness, you're right LOL. I've never gotten either brand of anything, so I forgot xD I'm gonna go change that lol.

  38. It's all good, it's an honest mistake since fff has offered both brands...

  39. I don't trust them, either. You can't send out that many expired or rancid products and expect people to be okay with it.

  40. FYI, you can dispute just part of a charge. I had to do this recently with another company.

  41. That's a good point. I'm just a person who doesn't want to do business who won't work with me to right their wrong lol.

  42. Not sure why you’re getting downvoted for encouraging critical thinking skills. If anyone is going to cite fraud to a financial institute they would be daft to not look into the possible consequences for themselves

  43. I didn't even realize I got tons of down votes. If people don't want to use their brain and think, then that's their fault and problem.

  44. I have a feeling it's because of the sheer amount of cancellations this season. When I would get my box, I got my shipping label created email pretty quickly, but it took awhile for it to actually ship. Hopefully it ships for you soon!

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