1. I hope he gets acquitted. The initial reports show failures at ever level.

  2. Those failures are separate from the spark, and don't exonerate Mays.

  3. Wasn’t the service always bad? Place has been there forever. Shame it couldn’t get straightened out since Los Angeles has a better version of Domo called Yamashiro and it’s been open for generations and likely will never close.

  4. Service was always generally slow, like they made every dish to order.

  5. It wasn’t the increase in customers that caused the problem, it was the types of customers it brought.

  6. That’s what people in 2008 said as they sat in water for years, and some to this day

  7. Isa ebin maryam ( It's actually عisa but the letter ع doesn't exist in English) is just his name in arabic he is still called Jesus son of Mary in Islam but in English because the quran was revealed in arabic the names are in arabic but they are by no way the only way to call the prophets it's just the language

  8. Hey, military guy in Japan. The limit here is 0.03. not a fan of neck beard but we get about 99 DUI’s a year here.

  9. I was in 80s-90s... never heard of 18 months between deployments (except tenders)

  10. J5n says:

    Expect 15+ inches of rain in our area according to NOAA

  11. What is an “alleged sex game” lmao? Why is it worded as if it was something that went wrong?

  12. Truth or dare, but it was a heavy power gradient game (because Skipper and JO), and the JO couldn't say no.

  13. STS is covered under SECF. You could end up as a sub ET or FT, also. If those are your choices, I would leave MA at the door.

  14. CS requires basic training. It's a huge part of morale and welfare on the ship. Huge shout out to CSs

  15. And their 330AM fresh bread and doughnuts put out on the line.

  16. Riding a horse from the street to a skyscraper rooftop? Check.

  17. Everything else was Action Movie Realistic Action SequencesTM

  18. Yeah I was in great shape in high school when I played sports but I’ve just gotten lazy. And I don’t have a car or id join a gym. I do best under a structure rather than just having to do it myself

  19. So unrelated. But last year we went on the ride and when I got off I was disappointed because I didn’t see any raptors. Great coaster but no theming. All of my family laughed at me “they were everywhere! Your blind” guess I was the clueless character in any suspense movie!

  20. I think it was my second ride that I actually saw the scenery. I was too busy screaming and worrying about my butt not being in the seat for half the ride to notice.

  21. They move there and jack up the prices = they don't care about anyone but themselves.

  22. You're like the person that sits in traffic and complains about traffic. YOU'RE the traffic!

  23. I'm going to split hairs on this, because we were told to go.

  24. Do believe in the only been to one command four year 1st class? Or the 8 year Chief?

  25. Start treating E4s like actual NCOs, and this issue is mitigated.

  26. i mean he pleaded guilty to two felonies which will be on his record for the rest of his life barring a pardon from the president. i wouldn’t say he got off scot-free. also “obstruction of justice” is a very broad crime, and we don’t even know what the details were. perhaps it was serious enough to warrant him being branded a two-time felon for the rest of his life, but not serious enough to send him to jail.

  27. i get it. but criminal prosecutions involve a management of risk. plea bargains involve the government guaranteeing a conviction (or two, as in this case) in exchange for some benefit to accused. that’s why it’s called a plea bargain. trials are not always easy to win. hence the risk. nor can the government take every case to trial from a logistical standpoint.

  28. Don't take this personally, please. This is an observation of the system you are a part of.

  29. Requirements are contractual items that your system needs to be able to meet.

  30. I'm not going to disagree, but I just didn't want this to come off as some kind of crusade against Disney. It's more of a parenting milestone that I wasn't quite expecting yet.

  31. Yep. Those are always brutal. I am sorry that you had to hit this one after the fact.

  32. Rumors are closed boarders could come if these protests continue as well as mass exodus we are seeing. Sadly this feels too late. Players and coaches will now go die for a lunatic as are airline pilots, and over 1 million people which is a MASSSIVE number.

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