1. Not using a screen protector myself, but the 512gb screen is a lint magnet.

  2. This looks great! How'd you manage to punch out the cable from the center?

  3. Meanwhile if I get one more email about my wishlist I’m gonna be uhhhh upset

  4. Just had a thought, but what if you paired this with one of those magnetic charging cables that breaks away easily. I have seen a video on YouTube testing them on Steam Deck and there are some that work to charge the device. Might solve that problem in a pretty cool fashion.

  5. Magnets suddenly moving at speed near power cables seems like a potentially risky situation.

  6. I'm not sure what you mean by "Magnets moving at speed near power cables." The 'power cable' in question would be the host of the magnet, and it is not inherently dangerous by itself, it requires a device connected via POGO pins to transfer any power. If you mean some kind of power source like an outlet, well the point of this system is to use the battery bank, so again I'm unsure of what power cables you're referring to.

  7. They’re supposed to chuck the package as far back as possible! Bonus points if they hit the opposite wall! /s

  8. Funny, that's how people usually play Gran Turismo from my experience.

  9. If you don't C# when crossing the road, you'll B♭.

  10. But Reddit we can make funny little people and use them as out pfp

  11. My thoughts were that an aluminum case would convectively cool better without burning your fingers off, but I am not a material scientist haha

  12. I've got an aluminum cased laptop. It's not as pleasant as you might think. The material you want here is glass, but it's brittle and heavy.great for passive cooling in airgapped systems though

  13. It’s asked multiple times a day, search. If fed ex is to be believed I get mine tomorrow which is exactly a week from the email, which is common

  14. I should also be receiving mine tomorrow. Email received on the 25th, so about a week and a half for me.

  15. Started getting this last night on my PS4. PS5 no problem. It’s worse when using cars like the Vigilante in the video, the boosting is too fast for the old console to keep up and that’s why there is a delay in textures and objects loading. The latest update seems to have caused a lot of this as before I’d only get a slight pause when blasting past the casino.

  16. Good luck to y'all on PS4. This is what the PS3 version looked like shortly after the PS4 version launched before being abandoned.

  17. The origin story of a fake band? Fake as in "not really a thing before this game" before anyone mentions Gorillaz.

  18. Worst thing about Codsworth is that you can’t heal him until you start Automatron :/

  19. If you don't install Automatron you can heal Codsworth with stimpacks.

  20. I love how the cloud was treated as this magical cure-all. When it's just someone else's computer you are putting it on that you don't have any say in.

  21. But you cannot go thru lasers. The will push you and sound the alarm.

  22. Ironically, every time I have been to Florida, the natives have insisted they aren't roaches, JUST palmetto bugs. It's always amazing to me that anyone could just be cool with those things being basically everywhere.

  23. It’ll sound weird but I don’t buy things on sale. In my experience I end up wasting more money on discounted items than just buying the one thing I really want and will use at full price.

  24. I don't know, between steam sales and humble bundles, I honestly don't know what half my library is anymore. It's kinda fun scrolling through it and finding a new game to play that I didn't know I owned.

  25. I did it in a 1990's hatchback

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