1. Eastward migration of looted toilets and washing machines

  2. Maybe I missed it, but have we seen the Russian's stealing those?

  3. I was just having some fun. I'm unaware of the usage of drying equipment there. Where I grew up it's clothes lines or indoor racks when cold. Figured they'd aim high and I haven't seen it either.

  4. Looks like there aren't too many listed right now. Check back every day and you'll eventually find one in that range because that is what they sell for.

  5. Will do. Anything in particular part number wise to know I'm not getting hosed? Haven't had this stuff since PS3. I'm old.

  6. All Rock Band 4 instruments explicitly say "Rock Band 4 for the" followed by either Xbox One or PlayStation 4 on the rear label.

  7. It seems to me all these lies are like big time wow sorts of things. I can't walk. I can't move my arms. I poop myself constantly so I am bed ridden. I served as a Navy seal on my downtime. Like my God tone it back a bit and people wouldn't give a shit. I was no hero. I keep my mouth shut when my family talk about their FOB experience. I didn't have that. But fuck me apparently inventing the next American sniper story is all the rage.

  8. Claiming the land for Russia is more like smearing shit on a beatiful painting.

  9. Enjoy these early days. You blink and next you know they will be having little claims of their own.

  10. My ass made a toilet referendum. This is paper I could've reused.

  11. Just wait til they realise its some girl on girl action!

  12. Reddit is slow today. Time for some whisky and Wheeler Walker Jr.

  13. Wondering what nightmare scenario fueled your perception of what a penis looks like.

  14. My wife pointing it out. I'll take any chance she gets mildly dirty minded.

  15. What about family? Can they use the VA for healthcare exclusively?

  16. Ah. Sausage parties. Makes sense to take a lil more than prescribed.

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