1. from the looks of it, they did them a favor

  2. I’m so damn jealous. These were the days. Now it’s a 1 and 2 chance you OD and die.

  3. How have they not found the guy yet? There were clearly at least 2 witnesses

  4. we get a draw, that you pay back if you close out a deal. if not, you just get the small draw. with that being said, tomorrow is my last day as an LO and i'm trying a completely different career. i'll never say, i wont be back though!

  5. decided to pause it for 3 months and see how much i will

  6. the amount of hours listening to this late night and playin bones as a 20 year old. a lot less stress back then!

  7. just do paypal invoice only. its not worth the risk.

  8. his friend will end up getting hit with all the drug/weapons charges and he will escape with a misdemeanor at worst and play this upcoming season right away.

  9. Maryland gets 11 wins and makes the NY6.

  10. went ahead and paused mine. i always say i'm going to do it after the ncaa tourney and bring it back in late august but never do it. this price hike has gotten me to finally do it.

  11. i always go back to any jordan 1 low or air max 1

  12. at this point the only advantage is that i can just pause it until august. no contract is all they have against cable.

  13. Weird. I thought only drag queens and lgbtq preyed on children.

  14. I wouldn’t rule out that this pos wasn’t either of those

  15. Straight white male predator going after a young girl is secretly a gay drag queen? Reach harder babe

  16. Y’all made the assumption that he’s a straight white male. I’m just stating it’s possible that he’s not. Y’all get offended so easily.

  17. like those work out pants, just because you can doesn't mean you should...

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