1. I mean I chose not to DM him. He moved to a different state and I don’t think he’d ever be serious about dating me. I was just saying I hope I feel this way about whoever I actually end up with. I have dated other people but no other crushes like that. I’ve already felt kind of vulnerable around him and don’t want to risk rejection. I feel like he’d say no.

  2. And if he says no, you’ve lost what exactly? I agree. Shoot your shot.

  3. ”Thank you, but I’m not looking for a relationship right now.”

  4. Can’t help but think the addition of “right now” implies that it could maybe change in the future.

  5. Honestly I’d call back and ask someone else. Something similar happened to me with my boards and I called and they were understanding and re-opened the portal. What difference does it make to them? Just be very kind and charming on the phone

  6. My boyfriend is very sweet and physically affectionate with my friends because they are my friends. I think that is a factor.

  7. I just got divorced, no kids, NC with parents and sibling. I do have friends, two of whom are close enough to agree to be my emergency contacts. I’m in touch periodically with 2 aunts in another city, they are the only family that I’m not NC with.

  8. I can’t speak for all Tauruses but I have handled the issue incorrectly in the past and it bit me in the ass. After learning that lesson I personally would tell my bf and then cut the person off or heavily limit contact… im not comfortable with anyone getting in the middle of my relationship

  9. What if you happen to have a crush back and also think you might be more compatible with the crush?

  10. Then you need to break up with your current partner or let them know your feelings. You can’t explore the possibility of a relationship behind their back. That’s cheating.

  11. Yeah that’s my feelings also. In this case I’m the crush and the guy is open so it’s not technically cheating but given the emotional involvement, it’s a bit borderline and gray. He’s not been explicit but I can tell he has feelings for me and he’s not put a hard stop to me expressing my feelings towards him

  12. Are tauruses just drawn to multiple partners bc this is occurring in my life too

  13. Lol no idea as a Virgo but perhaps! I think maybe it’s being committed to one even though that one isn’t the best thing and unwilling to be uncomfortable to get the new person?

  14. I’m very indecisive, but also I think there’s a loyalty thing to it in a weird way? Like you won’t leave someone to pursue something meaningless, so the interest feels meaningful

  15. Are you in a relationship with one of these people?

  16. I say third wheel with the folks without kids. Yes, they will want to have their couple time too but they also like the company of regular folks. Find a 4-5 different couples you like so you can hang out with them on a rotation. I’d also try to make some friends with any other single girl friends and commiserate over the situation together. Not sure what field but when both weekend days are off, do a short weekend trip to big cities to get away and try dating there

  17. Something to convince them not to include the right to bare arms in the constitution, include civil and gay rights and protect abortion

  18. What you feel is called “demisexuality,” and it’s one of the multiple ways of feeling sexual attraction.

  19. Wow thanks I’ve never heard of this term before. I do enjoy other sexual activities with others but everything does feel significantly more fun and exciting when I have feelings for the other person

  20. My thing is, if you go and you don’t have a good time, you really haven’t lost out if you would otherwise just be sitting at home. Unless there’s NO one there, there’s someone you can chat up about something usually. Even if it’s the usuals of where are you from, what brought you to this city, what do you like doing here that’s different or I’m interested in (something very generic like hiking or sushi or something), do you know about that/ if that happens/ places to check that out?” And let the convo go from there. Because people love to talk about themselves, ask follow up questions about their life and goings on

  21. Don’t do it. If you catch feelings, you’ll be hurt when he doesn’t leave for you

  22. Because you can’t Uber back since blossom only allows one way out after the show. It’s going to be cancelled anyway :/:/

  23. Really? Didn’t know! I’d probably consider an hourly or daily rental for the next time like through zipcar (or whatever equivalent) in that case

  24. I work at a gay bar that's super chill and full of nerdy types, but you said bars aren't your scene. I really wish we had like a queer cafe that was a safe space for underage and sober people. I'll let you know if I find anything though!

  25. To me i disagree that this seems one sided. To me it only seems like you just aren't over your divorce, and don't have a grasp of how slow relationships are supposed to be formed. I do think it's normal to get excited about making someone happy, i don't think it's normal to think about it for the rest of your life though. It may seem like you know this man very well, but it's very possible you do not. Just ask yourself if you'd still feel that way if you knew he didn't feel that way about you right now. Who initiates conversations seems kind of stupid to me once you are intimate with each other and have a real dynamic irl.

  26. It has been a while since I was dating so that is entirely possible. Maybe “for the rest of my life” is a bit of a hyperbole but I also see what you mean.

  27. A working kink dynamic is hard to find. Very nice! The less reciprocation would get to me. However, if the kink was excellent I would go the distance for at least a while. Then I would probably kick myself later.

  28. That’s basically exactly how I feel — it’s been so good that it’s worth me flying out. I hate that it’s feeling one sided but when we are together, it’s so awesome for me that it feels worth it. I’m still dating others but it is hard for others to compare on both the emotional and sexual chemistry

  29. You can also schedule in advance with Uber and Lyft

  30. Pay the deposit. If you end up staying together, the price you paid will be worth it. If you don’t, you’ll be glad you have secured a place

  31. My partner pinched me during arguments until I one day threatened him if he did it again. Since that day, he didn’t. But ultimately the fact that he ever did it the first time is a sign of complete disrespect. For all the times I’ve been upset with him (or anyone really) the thought of striking them has never entered my mind at all. Although he may very well never hit you again, the disrespect that he feels for you will never go away. Leave.

  32. I’ve done it in the past. It was a misguided understanding of ‘one person can’t be your everything’ that led me to seek other people to fill other ‘needs. once I learned to truly love myself as I am, have reached a place of really damn good mental health and an underlined sense of perfect happiness that comes from within me, I didn’t need or want it anymore. My partner fulfils every need I have for intimacy, sex, closeness and connection. I also have my own friends, my own hobbies, I’ll go on my own vacations and live my own life, without needing to sleep with anyone else. My friendships are strong and connected, but I don’t need more sex to amplify them. I find my partner incredibly hot, and since I have feelings for him, I don’t have a desire to sleep with anyone else. For me I think the seeking of multiple people to date was out of insecurity that I don’t have anymore, so I don’t have that desire anymore.

  33. I completely share this perspective also! I have no desire to have sex with many random people, preferring to rather have one stable deep connection for sex and then friendships for whatever other needs my partner doesn’t meet. I haven’t quite decided if I’d be okay with them being poly though. I sort of feel like I don’t care as long as I’m being sexually satisfied

  34. Fwiw, there are so many ways to do ENM and not all of them include sex with random people. I am ENM. I never have sex with random people. Ever. That would not work for me at all.

  35. I’d probably either fall in love or get bored tbh

  36. Can also use Rogaine (Minoxidil) foam or solution 5% 1-2 times a day. Make the habit to do it while brushing teeth

  37. This just happened to me too with the exact same name on the account

  38. Im a teacher and I've had people turn me down once finding it out. "No financial prospects"

  39. I love teachers. They tend to be genuinely good humans and have never done me wrong

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