1. These are just gorgeous!! So inspiring, thank you for sharing! Would you mind posting IDs? I'm so intrigued by that yellow with pink tips in the 6th photo.

  2. Wow I have not seen an solid green one like that - very cool. Mine have a lot of variegation on the leaves.

  3. Could be false cardamom Alpina mutica. Smells like cinnamon/clove/cardamom/citrus blend - love it.

  4. That is interesting - mine does not really smell like honey. Love this little orchid. Great picture of the flowers!!

  5. Thanks! Do you have the normal form? These smell the strongest around 12pm-2pm.

  6. Thank you! It’s my first orchid, my mom gave it to me and I love it!

  7. Good luck with yours. Mine just had its first blooms of the year open today. I have had it from years and made some baby plants. Really sweet native Florida orchid.

  8. I don’t think so. The “leaves” are bigger then that… unless this guy needs more light?

  9. I have one that looks like yours, and I thought it was a sedum of some kind but not sure. Mine is leggy like yours, and it is on a windowsill in a greenhouse with lots of light. Maybe someone else will know what it is for sure.

  10. Very likely mine is more leggy. Right now it only gets about 2-3 hours of sun. Just a little office plant. Not even sure who brought it in, I just water it XD

  11. I just learned a new word - etiolated. It means the plants are stretching out looking for light. So weird that mine gets quite a bit but still is leggy.

  12. I was thinking peacock moss (Selaginella uncinata) but hard to tell from that pic. Peacock moss has pretty distinctive coloring.

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