1. Really wanna get my hands on this one. I was super impressed w the big Head

  2. Needs to be a both option! Lol. In my case, dabs and edibles sometimes as well (normally reclaim I put into capsules or rso)

  3. Exclusive to their head grower. MPR1 is their DOCs strain, unknown lineage

  4. Thank you 😀😀I had about 7 grams of rosin chips that I decarbed then baked into coconut oil, the rosin chips should be around 2-6%thc after my research, so the batch of infused coconut oil I made should have between 140-420 mg of thc. I’m no stranger to high doses, normally don’t exceed 200/250 areas often tho. I ate the whole batch and I’m ab an hour in, I had a little dab also but I’m starting to feel an edible high that feels in the realm of 300mg plus. I’ll take a half of an rso tube sometimes and I’m feeling a stronger edible high coming on than when I do that so maybe I underestimated the chips! I’ll update you when I post the pic of the cured rosin from this strain

  5. 1/10th of an OZ aka 2.83 grams. The weed is Ohio MMJ, hence the weird weight, they sell it in weird weights here

  6. Cap it and leave it unopened for 3-4 days. That's it. :) You can whip it when you open it if you'd like.

  7. How important is curing? Is it just to change the consistency? Just curious if there’s anything not as desirable if dabbing the fresh pressed rosin instead of cured

  8. with that yield, I wouldn't expect it to last more than a week. Maybe you have more patience ;)

  9. I’ll be lucky if it lasts me through tomorrow tbh , I tried to warm cute this batch!

  10. Enjoy man… personally smoking flower barely gives me a buzz I have to use wax or rso lol

  11. This exact brand and product goes for 120 after tax in our state.😑 its so good, but thats fucking almost criminal.

  12. .85 g??? That’s crazy never heard of it being sold like that. Looks fire though!!

  13. There’s also a 70% thc limit on concentrates, which is pretty unheard of in other states

  14. Yeah Ohio has very strange regulations on medical marijuana. Flower is sold in 2.83, 5.66, 8.33 gram containers too!

  15. The mighty battery has lasted me all day today, I’ve been charging it about once a day, I’ll send you a pic of that Woodward, or were you referring to the mighty? Lol

  16. They have an entire standard wellness Spotify account with playlists for all of their strains. Pretty cool. Outer space is one of my faves.

  17. I noticed they have a bunch! I thought that was awesome haha, I’ll have to check out the other playlists too!

  18. I know everyone different but a grain of rice does this impact you?

  19. I typically use 1/3 of the dart, so about 200mg thc. But I am definitely an outlier and have a very high tolerance. What dose do you normally go for with edibles in the past?

  20. I've ate about 20mg thc max and didnt feel much. Just a little loosey goosey if you will. I smoke about a oz a month so mainly in the evening a bowl or two so not high amount but daily use forever. Dont want to get too far gone to function.

  21. If I remember correctly the Verano rso is around .9g so every .1 tick mark will be like 65 mg of thc. So maybe try 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 of a tick mark on the syringe depending on how ya wanna feel. its always good to remember with edibles that u can always eat more but not less haha. Also eat the rso with some sort of fat or it might not work very well. Normally I put the rso in an empty gel cap and eat some peanut butter as well. Sometimes I put the rso on some fruit with some peanut butter too!

  22. My favorite concentrate in the entire program. I try to always have at least one jar. It does the trick almost every time. Enjoy✌

  23. I can understand why you keep it around for sure. 😀What else do you like to keep in ur rotation consistently?

  24. I don't know how well you enjoy Sativas, but the Golden Goat by Wellspring is another favorite. With the GMO and the Goat it gets me through the day.🤤

  25. I’ll have to see if I can find it anywhere, not sure if I’ve seen it on menus recently! I like sativas before but sometimes find them underwhelming , so I’ll have to find this golden goat, thanks for the tip!

  26. Dabs for a bong.. Gonna try this when it pops up on a flash sale. My guess is I will likely use it sandwiched in between other flower and create a 4 hour bowls.. lol

  27. In my experience, they do create four hour bowls lol. One massive bong rip, you set that sucker down! Haha

  28. Honestly I don’t buy a lot because I go through it too fast, but standard wellness has been my favorite I think

  29. Understandable for sure, and I haven’t gotten around to trying theirs yet, what’s ur normal method of intake?

  30. Probably a dumb question - what do you use to consume that? I’ve looked online and rigs for concentrate looked complicated and expensive. I was curious what method and device you used, as well as the cost.

  31. The state down south that’s too stupid to keep all that tax revenue in their own state? You mean that state?

  32. The rules in Ohio regarding MMJ are certainly, to put it simply, pretty fucked

  33. I was happy for sure! It was so tasty it only lasted me like three days

  34. Sooo they have grams for $50 here local to me... they have diesel slap + guava garcia... I'm trying to decide which to grab , can't get both unfortunately because money is tight and need a few other things . Could you tell me if the buzz was different ? Are they considered hybrids? Or indica or saliva. I would love insight instead of just picking one because the name sounds good lol thanks!!!

  35. Personally I thought the guava Garcia was more potent and had a better ratio of oil to flower! The buzz was similar but I thought the guava was a bit more potent !

  36. Cresco leaves too much residue in my enail. Too much plant matter in their dabs. And I hit at the lowest possible temperature and still have huge amounts of unsmoked and charred bullshit

  37. I have their live resin sugar right now in 1.68 I paid the same for it I believe and I was thoroughly impressed with its texture, smell and effects. I really like the stuff and want to try their badder as well. One of the best values I’ve found for concentrates in the program so far!

  38. Which strain of the sugar did ya try? I’ve also tried the bio j live badder from them and it made me come back for this! Wasn’t sure how the consistency of the sugar would work with my nectar collector

  39. Where at? I only seen cake crasher near me in Columbus this looks really tasty

  40. I made the drive to Columbus to zen leaf newark, they have 30% the whole store This weekend

  41. Sheesh that’s an hour away edit: Columbus now has secret cookies gonna pick some up 24th

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