1. I’ve never been there, but every time we drive by we talk about how that is the worst name for a restaurant. Trust me, lol

  2. Poor guy really went off the rails after his mom passed. I hope he gets the help he needs. Unfortunately he’s probably around a bunch of people who cater to his delusions.

  3. I accidentally ordered a vegan dessert at one of the Disney restaurants. It was terrible. Definitely make sure you aren’t accidentally eating a vegan dish. It was a panna cotta which non-vegan is normally delicious.

  4. In Orlando, we have a multi-language check presenter insert that explains how to tip.

  5. The democrats in FL are doing a terrible job of messaging. We will be a red state again, unfortunately.

  6. Thats what I thought. Mighr be making a call to the labor board

  7. You get paid semi-monthly, but regardless of how you get paid, you should get OT if you worked over 40 hours per week as long as you aren’t on salary.

  8. Am fat. Lost 70 lbs 10 yrs ago. Can confirm. No one oogles me anymore. Which, honestly, is fine with me.

  9. Maybe not all of them who voted were doing it as a prank. Focus on the ones who believe in you, ignore the rest.

  10. Have you thought about changing your concept at that location to fit the 50+ crowd? You could totally rebrand as a different DBA, or modify what you normally serve.

  11. She has no independent money. That's sad for her. She has done nothing to create her own wealth.

  12. It sounds like you do a little too much at your bar. If this is a regular thing, see if you boss can hire a security guard. If that isn’t in the budget, at least hire a big guy who can do other tasks like you do, but also act as security when needed. Perhaps there is a security training class they can send you guys to. Make sure the bar has cameras and that they are working! Many bars have cameras, but you’d be surprised how many don’t work.

  13. I wish that was true at this restaurant. I’m making more in tip % but less overall, and the tip out from staff so far hasn’t made up the difference. I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn, but this has been a significant decrease in income. Should I use this opportunity to get experience and then move on?

  14. What on god's Earth could be the reason for doing this? I think Catholics are the only prevalent religion against it. So religion should not be used as excuse. I don't understand the purpose other than to turn women into baby machines.

  15. Very few of them actually wanted to ban abortion. However, they wanted to talk about banning abortion so they could get votes. Now that they supposedly “got what they wanted” they need another boogie man and that’s birth control.

  16. Overdo the makeup and be Moira Rose? Saw another comment that your hair was chin length, shouldn’t be too hard to work that in, right?

  17. Until she has to serve Karen that night and explain her costume!

  18. There are times I’m glad I don’t own a gun, especially in rush hour traffic, lol!

  19. Pretty sure those are the towers used to activate your COVID vax microchips that give you the gay!!! /s

  20. Fun fact: It starts with the gay, then it progresses to the trans, then you want to learn about CRT on Hunter Biden’s laptop while vacationing in Benghazi. Thanks Obama.

  21. We use OnPay. It has worked well so far. You just have to input all the employee’s info and payroll hours yourself. It is pretty inexpensive, but we are thinking about going with our bookkeeper’s company since we can just hand her the new hire packets and payroll hours. We are getting to the point where we need to be more hands off, but if you are okay with doing a little work yourself, Onpay is great.

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