1. Been searching for this, she looks like a corpse? Her hands are GREY as hell

  2. I will be the bigger person and not comment on the bbls. But the idea of getting together with your sibling to stare vacantly at each other while spraying each other with water so that people see you and think “wow I’d like to fuck them” is so bizarre and a little gross. Who hangs out with their sisters just to come up with how to best make them look fuckable? They make me sad fr

  3. It’s literally a part of some peoples culture, this is the millionth post of daggering I’ve seen on this sub. It’s trashy to keep ridiculing people minding their own business in their own spaces in their own communities. Get a life.

  4. Lol I dont think being broken up with compares to literal gang rape and murder

  5. Did they say it did? Being hurt encompasses a great deal of things, they never said it was to the same magnitude, just that they were both hurt by men.

  6. I will be using that emoji combo immediately thank you for that

  7. So I know a ton of people think she starts off rude (and I get that) but I totally saw her in a different way. When she said, “Do you wear the same thing every day?” I laughed out loud because I, an autistic woman, said the exact same thing to someone once. It was a simple question/observation, but i immediately realized how it sounded. So while I imagine she was kind of written as the mean girl, I took it a lot differently.

  8. Finally! I really truly didn’t think she was being that rude, just being clueless to how she was coming off. Like I would go up to her and she’d comment about how sweaty or covered in dirt I was and truly…I just spent 8 hours harvesting crops and chopping down trees. I probably WAS stinky. I too have no social filter and am often taken as very rude, especially the more effort I put into my appearance. The prettier you are, the quicker people are to assume you’re being a bitch.

  9. Only married females but I have done enough play throughs to wed them all. Emily has my vote. She is the only one I have even considered divorcing.

  10. I’m curious why? Emily was my first wife and she was lovely, when I divorced her for Penny I felt so much guilt lmaooo. (Who I then divorced for Haley)

  11. He looks like that guy wearing the chicken in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

  12. Seeing him on the beach was my last straw. I divorced him 🤣

  13. Honestly this is just tight from head to toe. The rings? The pendant? The VEIL? I’d step out in that tomorrow

  14. My 6 month old kitten looks like that now I’m not sure what his colouring will be, what does your boy look like now?

  15. they would all buy weed on the street for 30 a g and believe they got the hook up ☠️ as if anyone should trust them lmaoooo

  16. I’m not into the style of jeans this year… they make good bodies look like mom gone to the grocery store …

  17. they wanna be mgk and megan fox so badly, you can’t convince me otherwise ☠️ one of that cringe couple is enough thank you very much

  18. half of these comments are gross and unhelpful. what kind of advice is “lol get over it”? just don’t even say anything if that’s the case. some people are more anxious than others, have some empathy

  19. Someone who isn’t your boss asked you if you wanted to work one day, and responded to you that they have family too (you know, like we all do), when you decided to use your family as an excuse not to work when you simply could have ended the conversation with “Nope!”….and it’s still upsetting you almost 24 hours later?

  20. it takes like almost no effort to have a tiny bit of empathy. why comment on this post just to tell someone you think they’re being dramatic for being upset? it made them anxious obviously? that’s why they’re upset?

  21. y’all literally just hate women. this doesn’t belong here, it exists only to make fun of “unoriginal” girls. who cares what style someone likes and who they identify with?

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