1. That's so cute, but gosh darnit, do it somewhere else or let Modeus in!

  2. It's Patrick and the chocolate bar all over again. I can feel it!

  3. I never expected to see Arthur Morgan of all people look so adorable! Black Belle was already an awesome character, but this certainly makes me see her in a new light. ^^"

  4. Absolutely! I just get the vibe of "we can fix this, but baby sleeps," lol. Correct me if I'm off the mark! :D

  5. I could see Malina being encouraged to do so, but I get you. I definitely lean more towards Zdrada.

  6. I think it depends on how long into the relationship it is, but looking at it that way makes all sorts of scenarios possible. "

  7. The face of someone who knows he's fucked up, but dares not back down...

  8. I bet Azazel would be low-key thrilled to find out she's interesting enough to warrant a Demon's attention!

  9. Me thinks someone's eyes were bigger than their stomach this time...

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