Andor - Episode 12 - Discussion Thread!

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  1. You are correct in that chrome isn't really the problem here. The problem is you have malware installed with full access to your PC. Honestly, you should reformat and change your passwords.

  2. I completely understand why no one is watching this show.

  3. It might be easier to just google the javascript you need. In chrome you press ctrl+shift+i to open the console and from there you can paste your javascript.

  4. Thanks for the reply. I tried doing it with window.location= and in incognito (which doesn't have ublock origin or adblock plus) and didn't work. Also, yesterday i was successfully able to get to the page by typing the javascript function into the omnibox and clicking enter but today nothing happens.

  5. I tried your bookmark in chrome, edge, firefox and it seemed to work in all of them, so that is bit of a mystery. Firefox did have a strange error message but it still opened the page.

  6. I figured out what was happening. If i try to open the bookmark or javascript function from a new tab it will not work. It only works if I click the bookmark (or type the javascript function in omnibox) while on a tab with already opened site. Must be somekind of security prevention. Thanks for replies. Thought I should let you know.

  7. Ok when I open chrome it goes to my home page so that's probably why it worked. Very silly restriction.

  8. Damn, this show is a tough watch. An hour of pointless dialogue and random flashbacks, no thanks.

  9. If you have your profiles setup correctly it should give you a warning letting you know you are in the wrong profile, at least it does on my system.

  10. I had a similar problem on my android 11 phone. It wouldn't connect until I created a local (non pin) user account on win10. It's frustrating because every other app connected fine using my original account.

  11. How do you login to win10 if you don't have a username and password?

  12. How embarrassing. I would never recommend this show to anyone.

  13. They really messed up with this show. They should have started with the prison break instead of that cringey "save the rainforest" crap. If they did that then a lot more people would be watching right now.

  14. Isn't this ambient mode? You can turn it off in video options.

  15. Yes, you are right, thank you! I tried to open YT in an incognito window, switched to dark mode and then I had the "Ambient Mode" switcher in the little cog popup window at the bottom right corner of the video itself.

  16. I saw a similar post a month ago and people were so confused they were literally recommending to buy a new monitor and graphics card.

  17. And the way the boy instantly gives up looking for his mother is hilarious.

  18. Be aware that there are a huge number of Amazon bot accounts flooding these posts.

  19. These streaming services have so much money to burn it's like they don't even care anymore.

  20. Yep. When they showed her comically swimming like a robot with no plan whatsoever, I was completely out. It was ridiculous even by cartoon standards.

  21. Looks promising - thank you! I'm not a coder so I'm going to dive in, try figure out how to script the ability to save text into hardware memory (keyboard macro) without the use of an open program. If I can't figure it out, I may DM you if that's ok!

  22. It's a new youtube feature that is completely broken.

  23. If this is your personal video then all it means is chrome doesn't support that video codec.

  24. mpv has sub seeking, and you can copy subtitles with a hotkey.

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