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  1. Down and Out in Beverly Hills - 1986

  2. That's indeed very cool, and ingenious.

  3. Wasn't it kinda bugged before the latest patch? I felt like I was getting non lethal "kills" all the time, without the mods, I had to go an extra mile of double tapping to make sure the severed head was a "lethal" kill. Or was I just confused?

  4. Once I got hooked on "SoulsBorne" combat, I never looked back. Anything else is either too basic/boring or too complex and, well, boring.

  5. The Japanese Sonic boxes are so much cooler than the other region's versions, that's just the objective truth. Too bad the prices for those here in my country are through the roof. Congrats!

  6. That's tough. Every single one has one or more color differences.

  7. I'd say it's one of the most bullshit enemies in the game.

  8. Wow, 13th playthrough? That's what I did to lit all those damn blue flame on Majula's mansion.

  9. My first thoughts was it was welded shut. Gives me Bloodborne vibes.

  10. I enjoy Lobosjr doing Rykard's lines. It's gold.

  11. I like fighting naked hot thicc rot woman.

  12. Is it even worth an arcane build? Any tips on that front?

  13. Gems or upgrades on armor would be great. Being one shotted by almost everything in ng+'s isn't fun.

  14. I have a mega everdrive (don't know exactly what model), but most of the time gg codes won't work (red screen). Sometime ago I used a tool to apply the codes to the rom file and correct the checksum and it worked perfectly. Thing is, I forgot how I did it and can't find it anywhere. Any tips?

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