1. THANK YOU for the update. I’ve been talking about this a lot to my gardening friends. It’s so upsetting that you didn’t get to keep it! I just got my fourth pacemaker and for the first time they wouldn’t let me keep the old one that was INSIDE MY BODY. It’s tough times! I think England has a law that if you find an artifact and report it you get 50% of its value.

  2. There is...I actually learned about it from a Roald Dahl book when my kids were younger. :-)

  3. I did, selling gourmet mushrooms to local restaurants and people

  4. Dang. I have looked into plugs and such as we have a ton of shaded oaks here.

  5. We have all of what you have...and while I would hate to lose the originals, we live in a heavy fire area (3 evacs under our belts to date) Everything has been digitized and distributed on flash drives to family members in other areas. When we evacuate (usually you have about 10 minutes) we grab all of our original art off of the walls, a special box of Christmas ornaments, comic books...and the dog.

  6. I'll add to this...I rarely comment on anything Interwebs...eBay bears out a market price. The other venues Do Not. Ebay has it's downsides. I'm a long term seller and the change since it started has been disconcerting. If you have "something", and you don't know exactly what that "something" is...put as much information as you have with a good picture(s) and Seekers will Find. Start the price at a level you are willing to part with the item for. Don't do "Buy It Now". Let the auction run it's course. Good Luck!

  7. Mountains of California, States here...we have the exact same Flora. (6000 ft. elevation)

  8. As a longtime restaurant grunt, I can say that "obvious" religious groups were the worst tippers. There were two other groups...okay, maybe three that could compete...but they were always Obvious. So, my husband and I are determined to make up the difference...and we are not obvious.

  9. Well, chances are the melody for anything of that time is going to come from old hymns or stephen foster/pop songs

  10. Yep...I am the "Notation Queen"...it actually gets embarrassing. Having said this, I would NEVER write in any other type of book. 😆

  11. Lived on Grapevine for 5 years...the train and depot are really something special.

  12. I think I read that when I was in late elementary school

  13. That would be about right. I did re-read it recently, and as it is an actual journal (expanded slightly natch) it was quite potent.

  14. Some times Reddit is befuddeling to me...and I'm OG computer. Didn't get to expand on this. Anyways, it's really important, especially now, for kids to know history. Another good one is "Soldier's Heart" by Gary Paulsen. Would love to hear your reccs!

  15. I knew some of the "Churchhills" without even enlarging the photo! 😄

  16. I remember my first time ☺️ Since you are nervous about it that means you care, and by caring you are going to do great!

  17. Wow. Thanks for that! I try to approach everything from a, "What can I learn from this? Or learn from this more experienced older person?" viewpoint.

  18. I LOVE that book! It's what really got me into canning big time. I buy a copy and give it to anyone who I'm close with that shows ANY interest in canning haha.

  19. I had to laugh...because I've actually skinned a rabbit, but Brandied Peaches is terrifying!

  20. I love the...what is the word...impressed covers? They took time and thought.

  21. They are. They are not however the brown leather that were only given to a select few friends and family.

  22. Personally, as old as that book is, I’d probably keep that one on the shelf and find a cheap newer copy of it on Amazon to actually read.

  23. Also, lojafan...I'm going to challenge you with a few books in the future. 😊

  24. Wow. Okay I don't feel quite a bad having to go thru 2 full houses of stuff now. At least your Dad was organized. I know that there are people that visit all the lighthouses on the planet as kind of a bucket list thing. Maybe post over on

  25. This is amazing! I’m genuinely shocked such an old cookbook is still around and intact so completely. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  26. I am making "veal" Oscar tonight. Subbing thin pork cutlet for the veal. Using a full pound of jumbo lump crab and homemade Bearnaise made in my vintage Vivalp Sauce Master. I look forward to my asparagus scented pee tomorrow.

  27. Cool! I'm not familiar with the Vilalp...how does it work?

  28. in culinary school I thought I was hot shit using old bay to make clam chowder......my teacher threw it out cause he said I was cheating.

  29. Yep. But Silver Palate is worse...if that's possible. 😊

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