1. Do you think it’ll fit a custom loop with a single slot card with block and slim rad + slim fans? I can’t figure out if there’s a space to route the tubes. Thickness wise it seems to fit.

  2. Should work. The total clearance is 82ish mm in the gpu bay, which is almost as good as some matx cases. I'm looking to revisit the case since i managed to get a 140mm aio with a p14 slim in under my deshrouded 6700xt hellhound. have to wait on a mini-4pin to pwm converter to show up to run the case fans, but I'm hoping the aio will fix the cpu heat issues i was experiencing

  3. This looks like it's the Corsair 2000D that hasn't been released yet as a standalone case.

  4. yeah that's more than certainly the 2000D

  5. What’s the max length of a gpu this case could support?

  6. What size 80mms are supported in the specs on your website? looks like 15mm but not super clear on what the max size would be

  7. Thanks for this, I was wondering how the v2 would be. I had a v1 Steck and was seriously unimpressed, overall not a great case. I was actually asked by Nouvolo back in May 2021 if I would be interested in testing the case, I said yes and never heard back from him.

  8. I had ordered a borg at the beginning of the year and had the same impression. It was relatively cheap at the tunnel but it was just a very underwhelming experience overall.

  9. What is your power draw on the GPU at those settings? I've undervolted mine to heck and only ever manage to get around 180W. Blows my mind that the system is running at the stock tdp of the card itself.

  10. i thought about that but i'd rather stick with just one if possible. But i know the 5800X3D is a hot beast

  11. I did a hybrid 3090/5800X with a cpu aio on

  12. i have to admit, it does look good and i was planning to use the unifi fan sl infinity but i also ordered the xproto infite mirror accessory (which is also why i want to stick with one aio bracket ahah)

  13. It performed much better than the say 70ish mm or so height coolers that, at least IMO, are the upper limit of cooler height before it starts looking odd. That said, the versatility of the xproto was one of my favorite things about the case. maybe try one of the cheaper thermalright or ID Cooling top-down coolers (AXP-120 x67 or similar) and see how it goes?

  14. Have you seen a notable change in temps over using a normal 120mm slim fan? Not sure about the Raijintek, but I tried using a proximate slim 140mm fan on my IS-60 in the same case and found the slim Thermalright I have in there now to be far superior. The inverse was true of the 25mm equivalents on the same cooler, but the slim 140as have always lacked in comparative performance to the 120s in my use cases

  15. The Mechanic master c28/c34 might be of interest. I have systems in their C26 and C28 now and they are really great.

  16. The Xproto mini or the x works x32 would probably be your best bets.

  17. Did they bottom mount that 120? Cause if that's the case, definitely agree.

  18. First of all: If your card really is just 14 days over the warranty period, I'd get in touch with Asus. Worst case they deny the claim.

  19. Was going to echo the 68/900XT rec. I moved from a 3080 hybrid to a 6950XT in my living room rig and its been great. If you can find either a Sapphire or Powercolor one for the right price, the 6800 non-xt is also a great card you can pick up for next to nothing now. I'd try to go stay above the 6700/3070 tier cards at this point given that the new stuff is going to drop and the 6800 and above is where you really start to see the real generational gains.

  20. At least where I am (EU), you can get a new 6900XT for less than 700€ right now. That's a steal compared to a 3080 (still >800€).

  21. yeah, they're wildly cheaper in the US too. $550 for a decent 6800xt on Amazon right now. I'm also rocking a 6800xt in my office pc. they're amazing value for money and at least in my experience far superior to the high end nvidia cards of last gen if you dont want rt or DLSS. Nvidia rocked the midrange hard with the 70 and 60tis, but the 6800 and above are the best pick ups currently imo

  22. 6950xt with a 5800x and a asus b570i. Still undecided ifni wanna go to Navi 31 and am5 thats if they make a 3D stacking of the cpu and how the flagship gpu will look.

  23. I have nearly the same specs on my gaming and office PCs. Upgraded the 5600X to a 57 to transplant it to my Dan A4 travel rig.

  24. Ahh that post, i saw a youtube build with this case and it looked like the standoff were more towards the psu side but then again it might interfere with the backside of the gpu, the case itself is 258mm in length so im hoping my gpu will fit. Do you have a recommendation with similar form factor? Currently using Silverstone RVZ01.

  25. For matx in a console format, not really. I'm using

  26. They just announced they were moving last week.

  27. Cool, dumb question but I have the same card and am wondering if the spacing will work with a kraken g12

  28. Just be mindful of the top mount screws if you have a tall M.2 riser like I do (X570i) I had to remove my top plate and snug my card in there tightly. I'll be using a thinner foam at some point. Doubt I'll take it apart anytime soon though.also be mindful you'll need to heatsink/couple the memory to something and sink the VRM.

  29. Yeah, I’m running a 2080ti on my 645lt/kraken in a Dan a4 and it’s fine but hot. If the 60ti works then it makes all the sense in the world to use it instead

  30. nah, the a2000 sits pretty as the king of the lp ring. its like a 3050 while everything else is a 1650 or lower in performance.

  31. what case is that? looks like the phanteks?

  32. Any reason for the 750 over the 770?

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