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  1. I quit watching after the 2nd season because I started college, some people say I need to finish it and others say it wasn’t worth watching towards the end.

  2. “Slams” why are words like that or destroys or blasts added to headlines these days? It’s so dumb to me

  3. If it comes out aliens are real and are/have been here,, is anyone really surprised ? I'm not.

  4. I wouldn’t trust a word they say tbh. There isn’t a random spike in sightings. There’s a carefully chosen time to report there’s a higher incidence. Nothings a coincidence

  5. He should probably talk to the artist and ask them what their intention was. It may in fact be pro christian and he's taking it the wrong way. Like the artist could be criticizing society saying more people are going to Mcdonalds than to church. Who knows. I doubt his kids even looked at that art or gave it a second thought.

  6. I think the point is that the school has it on display

  7. Fortunately it was taken down, but here’s someone showing clips of her video and explaining how dumb she is-

  8. I was expecting some poor quality cctv footage or night vision. I was pretty shocked to see it was picked up with a regular camera and with multiple people. Could it be drug related? Perhaps some liquid administered via dropper to the eyes that has glow in the dark properties?

  9. No I would blame them for committing a genocide on the Uyghur peoples

  10. he definitely passed away, and while his loved ones appear to devastated they also don’t seem surprised. all his online behavior from ~the video~ on is pretty textbook paranoid delusional. i believe he died after a long struggle with mental health and possibly drug use. very sad that people are running with this conspiracy theory

  11. Very sad you’d speak on a dead persons name who isn’t able to defend it. Let alone making assumptions that he died from “mental health and possible drug use.” Where do people come up with this bs? What a pathetic conclusion you attempted to make.

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