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  1. Please do a video of your perfect asshole winking for us, we want to see It!

  2. Cap'n says I'm jealous of your immaculate balls

  3. Do you have a boyfriend? I'm a recently divorced 47 year old retired fry cook. I'm 305 lbs, but recently started keto. It cuts into my EBT credit of $247, but I assume you can cook. Open to having multiple kids.

  4. Lol ahhhhh just talking shit then on your profile lol 😂

  5. Hahahaha, well you don’t need to major in English to understand it at a basic level

  6. Hi there, I'm not sure if this is personal for you or not, but I'll take a chance and ask you a question that's been on my mind. Have you ever had feelings for someone who follows you on OnlyFans or Reddit, for example? And is it not too difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship when there is so much shared intimacy?

  7. I’m actually really comfortable with long distance, but I keep onlyfans and Reddit very professional. It would be difficult to do my job properly if feelings were involved ❤️

  8. First, you are stunning with a sexy body! my question : Do you like soft domination? if yes do you like dominating both guys and girls?

  9. Can i worship those beautiful blue painted nails please?


  11. Not too many things as disappointing as when I got to college and realized that the frats were not all like delta tau chi

  12. Any st patties day plans?? Got nothing here. Green but no green liquor

  13. Planning on going to Taco Bell and seeing how many Crunchwraps I can eat before I’m too uncomfortable to exist

  14. Please share your tips! Mine have dropped a bunch of leaves recently 😩

  15. Never seen it either but I’d imagine it’s a spin-off of the book Animal Farm

  16. Never seen it. Whoever it’s about sounds like a real asshole though is what I’m getting from the title.

  17. Ok so if there are flairs being gave out I totally want one :D

  18. I knew It was you when I saw you at the gym, should have said hi. I knew It! Next time!

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