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  1. A dangerous predator that lives outside. It's why I never go there if I can help it. I've seen a few. Terrifying.

  2. Not at all. They said ".... board games, eating ass, threesomes...." Aren't you glad you asked?

  3. i think that applies more to dick length than testicle size. im fat and i have giant ass balls.

  4. We were talking about dick balls. If you have ass balls you should see a doctor, that's not normal.

  5. That is precisely what makes it so insanely funny. The fact that no one would give a shit about it. 😂

  6. Went to the beach yesterday and you can’t see three feet down. Waded and swam about 75 yards out and saw a reef shark in a wave coming near me. Still went back in and then further out.

  7. Congratulations on being braver than most Redditors. Don't know who you'll brag to about that, but still.

  8. Giving a woman a foot massage is not the same as sticking your tounge in the holiest of holies.

  9. That's an interesting take. And makes more sense. If it couldn't see things that don't move, it'd bump into lots of shit.

  10. Name me one thing more terrifying than a fat, sweaty neckbeard with terrible hygiene raping you. Imagine Zack Galifianakis, but unsuccessful and not a big fan of showers.

  11. George could’ve had nearly that many if he had just eaten his candy lineup himself

  12. Yeah, I've noticed lots of subs are full of the last thing you'd ever expect.

  13. Because you're not simping hard enough for the left, I've decided you're on the right, because centrists don't exist. I BANISH THEE TO KARMA HELL IN THE NAME OF THE GODDESS OF ETERNAL ENRAGEMENT, DEMON!

  14. Um. Different circumstances. Different players. Different all the way around. Comparisons do not a corollary make.

  15. I love how you're mentally unable to grasp the difference between expression and orthography (which most people understand from age 10 or younger), but are convinced that, in fact, it must certainly be everybody else who is, as you so eloquently put, ‘stupid’. And you're determining this by an arbitrary prestige attribute that got drilled into you, because you've been told it's an aedequate replacement for intelligence.

  16. Nobody is saying it's not real. But it's hilarious how strictly people in some countries have been trained to believe that any way of writing and speaking that differs in any way from the ruling caste's dialect is a sign of low intelligence.

  17. The ability to express yourself well is generally an accurate indicator of intellect. Outside of people who speak a different language and people with whatever random, obscure disability you're about to name, people who can't express themselves well are, by and large, stupid.

  18. He's a low-spending Republican who says lots of nice things about how terrible crime and poverty are and yet is ideologically opposed to government making things any better for anyone.

  19. So Hitler was a European redneck. No wonder his views resonate with the right.

  20. I’ve seen a lot of it in leftist spaces which sucks because it defeats the point of my being there. I understand when leftists decide to take the violent solution to get change because voting and pleading hasn’t worked, I mean that’s how people like the suffragettes came around. But I’ve seen a lot of “let’s see how he likes being 3/5 of a person” and they don’t see the issue with that, yet you can’t call someone fat because “what about the other nice, fat people who could’ve heard that?”

  21. Are you implying someone's politics don't make them inherently good or evil, and there's actually shit on both sides of the fence? Get'im, boys!

  22. You literally used the singular 'they' while challenging the singular 'them'.

  23. Hypocrisy on Reddit, you say? Keep us updated as this unprecedented event unfolds. We're counting on you.

  24. Confused tiger looked very cute somehow like "wtf is happening? It's gone but how? Magic?" xD

  25. The sad part was "can I call you for a min" like...I almost wanted to be like "I'll just be your friend" but the creepiness was not overruled

  26. That's like saying woman can't get pregnant from a toilet! Like maybe, but why chance it?

  27. That's true, there's way too many women out there who swallow instead of spitting. And they're not even on birth control! Crazy.

  28. You're still saying you're taking satire at face value.

  29. That's not what the satire was. Jesus. And you are the only person who didn't get it, it was blatantly obvious.

  30. Yeah, it's so clear what it was about, except you're still thinking an over-the-top satirical program was accurate. Do you know what satire is?

  31. I do know what satire is. And you're a good example of the main problem with satire: That some people are just too dumb to get it.

  32. You're living in the past, man! You're all hung up on some clown from the 60s!

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