1. I also played as a single behind a foursome, 9 holes. It took 2.5 hours. They were slow as fuck. I didn't play through because there was a group ahead of them at first, then later the group in front stretched their lead to a couple holes. I figured I'd embarrass myself if I suddenly wanted to play through after 5 holes so I just trudged along.

  2. I’m still very new (140+), but I made myself look like a bit of an asshole the other day. Was behind a foursome with at least one person as bad as me (no judgement, just a frame of reference). They were driving around to every duffed shot and I wasn’t feeling well, but didn’t want to waste my prepaid tee time. Anyway, I decided to skip the whole just to find another foursome on the next hole. Skip them and then a group rolls up and asks what I’m doing. Turns out I’d put myself in the middle of a league🤦🏻‍♂️ I begrudgingly made my way back behind the original foursome and just resigned to having a long day. Lesson learned though.

  3. Now all that's left to do is weld a shaft to it. :)

  4. Just drill a hole, knock it down 100,000, and call it ready to be custom fit to your specs.

  5. Worst score… so far! JK good job. Your score is my back 9 😂

  6. Damn, OP is way too considerate. Even when I was completely new, I was super happy to play a solo round. No one to see my shanks, no one to look at me funny if I celebrate hitting a findable ball (I don't give a shit if it's in deep rough or the trees, I found it!), no one to wait to hit their 2nd shot while I hit my 4th lmao. It is the best.

  7. Finding the ball is my biggest motivation for getting better. I’m only two rounds in, and I love the game, but fuuuuck trying to find the damn ball. I’ll take the strokes, just give me my ball.

  8. Volvik Matte in Red has been my favorite ball for being findable. Comes out to about $1/ball on lostgolfballs dot com. Highly, highly recommend.

  9. Nice. Just lost 11 vice pro soft greenies @$3/ball. I can handle 1/ball a lot better lol Edit: Yes, I should have known better than to buy nice balls my first times out. But I like shiny

  10. This is why I don't retry shots. If I plop one into the water on a forced carry, I'll just drop it on the other side. 99% of the golf I play is casual and money is not involved, so it works just fine for me.

  11. I put five into a tall grass section right in front of the tee. Finally just walked in front of it, dropped, and hit a pretty clean shot🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. TL DR Golf simulator at your house is game changing. It’s unlimited range time by yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to try things out on the range because 1. There’s people around and 2. You have a limited amount of balls that you just paid $13 for. With the simulator you can work on anything you really want as far as swing changes, shot shapes etc. plus you will be able to easily video record yourself with a phone and then watch the ball flight, then watch the video and see what you did. On top of that you will know exactly how far your clubs go on good and bad strikes, it helps you make more informed decisions on the course knowing exactly how far to expect each club.

  13. Any thoughts on how to transfer work on the sim/range to the course? I feel like I’m always try to get under the ball because you can’t divot astroturf and then end up skulling everything on the course

  14. Psssh I can do it in 9! cries in newbie Edit: but seriously, congrats! Can’t wait to be there with you 🍻

  15. You're going to like and absolutely hate it, beauty of this sport.

  16. Yea. Definitely. Just played my second round ever today. Left all my good shots on the practice tees.

  17. In order to have proper distance gaps between clubs, while still being able to get the ball in the air with longer clubs.

  18. This must be why my irons all seem to go about the same

  19. Not necessarily. If they ALL go the same distance, it’s more likely that you have poor swing mechanics causing poor strikes.

  20. 100%. I just started playing a few weeks ago lol

  21. At one point in actual newspapers, there was a weekly tip from tiger woods. I'll never forget the tip where he said

  22. Does advantage here mean he can roll shoot twice and take the better of the two rolls shots?

  23. I always wanted to ask, how do you like the smaller model as opposed to a Sahara? I’m debating which one I want down the line.

  24. To clarify, the smaller one is just the Wrangler. Wrangler Unlimited is the 4-door. Sahara is a trim level that you can get on either. Edit: I’m wrongish. Sahara only available on Unlimited.

  25. This is genius until you consider the traffic at the center of the star and having to manage cart traffic for half of the groups on the entire course simultaneously. Collisions everywhere

  26. This is so exciting to see, I miss the excitement of the "1st". First time on a course, first par, first birdie, first time you send one into the course side neighborhood. It's ok you started now, golf is a game that truly will last a life time.

  27. I just started at the range a few weeks ago, and this is me. Had one lesson, definitely want more. I’m excited to get on the course for the first time next week. Edit: also 34

  28. Damn people are trash inside. OP cool shit. Do you. Not the first 22 I’ve seen with an sti wing. People are acting like they haven’t seen a wrx with an sti wing before lol. Anyways brotha with another wrx keep doing you.

  29. And at least on this generation, there’s no option for it.

  30. If you get the angle of the club face right, you should be to get some good spin and get it to bounce off multiple trees after you throw it.

  31. The article I read was essentially saying the same thing (may have even been a golf digest article). It may have been an attempt at packaging it as a compliment but it was along the lines of "his genius is simplicity of thought."

  32. If your course doesn’t have a stand, start one, and become a turn dog millionaire.

  33. Maybe next generation will have some kind of gyroscope like Segway. I totally want to hop off and let it roll to the next tee box

  34. There’s already that “hoverboard” from Segway. Wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see some tech added to make it handle a bag for you.

  35. I’ve been arguing since the jump that the biggest issue is the lack of wheel offset and excess wheel gap. Fixing that does wonders for the car.

  36. I say this about almost every car. Right set of wheels and 1-2 in drop on just about anything takes it from dud to stud. I do still dislike the amount of rear end on this gen. I don’t mind the fender plastic, but I do feel as if they should have offered color matched as an upgrade from factory.

  37. Better than a winter golf glove or the warm rain gloves?

  38. I have no golfing experience, as I am just learning. However, I work on an open air platform as a forklift operator all year, and can say that I can comfortably wear just nitrile gloves between 33-50*F and the dexterity is great. Take that how you will, but just wanted to feel helpful lol

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