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Real Madrid [2] - 1 Manchester City [5-5 on agg.] - Rodrygo 90+1'

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  1. yeah she gives him a rimjob and then proceeds to kiss him in the mouth.

  2. my dog is 8yo and he also has a little duck toy that is the same age as him. he likes other toys but his favorite is and will always be the duck.

  3. you could very easily join porto and a few other portuguese cities to the equation if you happen to go to portugal, tbh. traveling by train there is quite fast due to the country's small size. tickets are very cheap, which helps. you could do the same in spain but only to an extent since it's a way bigger country.

  4. porto, lisbon and barcelona are good destinations for that sort of thing. since you've mentioned prague, i've been there in 2016 and while i really enjoyed my staying there, nighlife wasn't really its strongest characteristic. the city goes to sleep fairly soon compared to the other places i mentioned and while you can and will have fun in nightclubs around prague, i think there's more on offer in portugal and spain's big cities.

  5. me and my girl traveled to azores and then returned to our city for only 26€, 5 nights. 13€ each. absolutely worth the money as sao miguel island is stunning if you like nature, volcanic beaches, thermal waters and stuff like that. this was the year before covid, in july.

  6. Eh. Those arent that uncommon, I think Ryanair has an azores to mainland portugal route that’s very cheap.

  7. that's cool if it really works like that. i was now trying to find the best prices for this summer and they were all over 118€ so i'm guessing those are special deals they do from time to time. either way, we thought it was a bargain considering how amazing the location was. could do a lot worse with 13€.

  8. for real. fucking zaidu, man! i expected him to send the ball over the bar or something but he even had the audacity to choose his best foot to send it right into the top corner. no chance for the goalkeeper.

  9. in case you rent a car and don't mind driving a few kilometers away from lisbon (around 40 kms, 1-hour trip), i would say go to "portinho da arrábida". absolutely stunning place with beautiful vistas, amazing beaches and a solid amount of trails if you like that sort of stuff.

  10. i'm from porto. hope you enjoy your staying here. weather is pretty good right now. sadly, i don't know any bars like that, tbh as it's not really my thing but you'll probably find stuff like that in Ribeira, by the river. it's one of the most well known spots in porto, you'll easily find it. lots of really old, traditional bars there. getting lost in the tiny streets around that area is pretty cool, too. exactly what i did today lol

  11. you can't ever write them off, really. it's like pep said the other day, when real is losing by 2 or 3 goals, that's when they really start going for the kill lol

  12. The original movie was posted on vimeo earlier but the link seems to deleted now.

  13. https://www.mediafire.com/file/qkz1v9h7qoo8qfj/Inspiria.mp4/file

  14. https://www.mediafire.com/file/qkz1v9h7qoo8qfj/Inspiria.mp4/file

  15. i'm pretty sure he did. he disappeared from the people i followed.

  16. i don't use discord so i can't really answer to that but i saw people trying to find it and failing to do so. it's possible.

  17. Até o Wendell tem melhor classificação. Pena ser um buraco a defender.

  18. tendo em conta a idade e o facto dele já ser assim no leverkusen, não sei até que ponto ainda vai a tempo de melhorar a parte defensiva, que realmente é muito fraca. sai a atacar com todo o critério mas critério zero a defender.

  19. não te escondas dentro do saco azul, não.

  20. surely, otherwise benfica wouldn't be 15 points behind fc porto. solid match here, though.

  21. i'm not even mad about the fcking signing anymore, tbh. he had one job today, he surely did it. farewell, luiz 💙🤍

  22. exactly the result we need to replicate next time we face lyon... in france.

  23. Fair enough if you hold that opinion. I thought 2-1 was the fair score. You are still in the tie anyways. Nothing is done yet

  24. don't bother arguing with these guys, tbh. they are definitely being biased lol lyon were the better team, no doubt.

  25. gifz says:

    Porto played on Sunday and then today, Lyon played on Friday. Porto players were pretty tired and we lost Pepe which is very important in the defence. I guess we have a chance to qualify in Lyon

  26. conceicao was to blame today imo he could and should've rotated the team, just as he did against lazio. i think he was amazed by the match against pacos de ferreira and tried to capitalize on that performance but obviously, the players were still physically devastated (especially taremi and evanilson, it was very noticeable) and didn't stand a chance of recreating the magic of that match. as soon as toni martinez, galeno and fabio got in, the team got considerably better but by that time, too little too late. i'm not a fan of conceicao constantly sending his son to the pitch sooo late in pretty much every game either. by the 87th minute, that sub is already pointless.

  27. Atenção, o Diogo Costa é um guarda-redes espetacular. E ainda nem chegou ao seu apogeu. No entanto, mantenho a minha posição de que o Marche, neste momento, ainda é ligeiramente melhor e traz mais segurança à baliza. É mais velho, tem mais prática e calma. E, para mim, o que o distingue é que ele é aquele guarda redes que, para além da segurança normal que traz à baliza, consegue fazer aquelas defesas impossíveis (como a que salvou a vitória frente ao sporting). E, a verdade, é que o Marche daqui a nada vai embora, portanto acho que se devia aproveitar enquanto cá está, porque depois o Diogo Costa vai (e bem) assumir as rédeas incontestavelmente.

  28. o problema é que o marché não coloca a bola na frente com a qualidade que o diogo costa coloca, nem a faz circular com tanta fluidez quanto o porto recua e varia de flanco. isso é algo importantíssimo na construção de jogo do porto. como o sc disse na conferência após o jogo contra o paços, o terceiro golo nasceu dele. fez uma excelente leitura do jogo ofensivo, como costuma fazer sempre. é verdade que o marche é melhor que o diogo entre postes, especialmente a fechar o primeiro poste e a sair-se às bolas, mas não irá durar muito mais conosco e o diogo, no geral, tem cumprido a sua tarefa, por isso acho que mais vale ele continuar até ao final da época para ir crescendo e valorizando.

  29. I know how it feels, guys. No shame. A few years ago, my team FC Porto managed to get a comfortable 3-1 win at home and we all though "holy shit, we'll actually beat bayern!".

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