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Georgia Scream was sure "the Corona virus" was made up by the government to control our lives... or that riots were driving it somehow. He decided he was done with that covid 19 crap in 2021. Some of his friends tried to talk some sense into him, but in the end he leaves his son without a father.

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  1. I have 4 minis that have been working 95+% of the time. Clearly in the minority.

  2. I was TH spec ops for two years. It was okay. My sites weren't horrendous. The time off was nice but the travel became very tiresome after about a year. Living in hotel rooms 10 days a month really sucks. If you don't mind that aspect then id say go for it.

  3. Mostly rural, but pretty busy as far as rural sites go. Community with a lot of stuff transferred out and limited specialist coverage.

  4. often times get caught between patients and the cops who bring them in. as usual, they are exchanging words. I'd say about 50% of the time, the cops are not great at deescalation lol.

  5. May be a long shot, but Aurora Store is an alternative frontend to the play store. Try updating from there, or installing an updated APK from APKmirror or the like.

  6. software updated, cleared play store app data

  7. locums is the way. this is all just means to an end.

  8. can also attest to their safety. held up on shit roads for almost 2k miles

  9. Sorry if I'm misunderstanding, but do you only eat 1300kcals a day?!

  10. I hope not. that's called an eating disorder

  11. In my experience, 2-3 pounds is in the noise of hydration, bowel movement etc.

  12. I always find that my w/kg is slightly better after coffee

  13. Because I'm a mid-level and it's considered standard or care . I've never heard of any data that suggests you shouldn't pack an abscess.

  14. if I went to my attendings and said i didn't pack an abscess I would get roasted

  15. I bought gcn racepass and watch race replays on TV while running tr on my laptop. makes it much more enjoyable

  16. I'm running Zwift on a Mac Mini (intel) and whatever is the latest OS version. It is pretty much dedicated to a "Zwift station" that supports both my Kickr Bike and a Kickr 2018 modified for fixed gear/pursuit bike setup. By the time I bought the Kickr Bike, I had already squashed any of the connectivity issues I saw since Zwift started so it was pretty much stable when I got it. I'm using ANT+ for everything using the Tacx ANT+ antenna (Shark) - it comes with a long USB and the dongle is designed to sit flat, etc. That setup has been very stable for me after a bunch of messing with connectivity issues across various platforms.

  17. interesting. I have a Garmin tacx 2. I have had a lot of issues with connection. I am interested in investing in a full smart bike, but I don't want to spend 3k only to find out that I can't connect well lol. I wish they came with a hardwired USB connection or something like that.

  18. What connectivity issues did you have with Neo? (assuming that is what you mean by Tacx 2) - i don't think you should expect the bike to connect a whole lot differently than the bike in a given setup. The only trainer i'm aware of that comes with a hardwired (ethernet) connection is the v5 of Kickr - it's not on Kickr bike either and that connection finally got supported by Zwift after a year or 2 of being on hardware but not supported in the game.

  19. Right up there with Trump wishing aloud for herd mentalit— oops herd IMMUNITY lol

  20. Not an expert by any means but some of my observations over the years - Ant+ is pretty susceptible to interference, especially if the receiver is right next to something like a router (like 2.4g). There's other stuff too but what i did when i was getting dropouts was i bought a usb extension cable and ran it directly under my training mat or overhead. Haven't had problems since then (4+ years).

  21. I've heard even fans can cause it? the thing is it was working great until it wasn't

  22. lol I know man. but a cafe named KKK? I wouldn't feel safe riding alone

  23. how do you like those wheels so far? they're hyper right?

  24. better english please? are you trying to plug in the chromecast to the roku tv? If you're trying to cast things that'll be via however roku does it not google/

  25. lol no. I assumed the TV had a built-in ability for Chromecast because it says that it works with Google assistant.

  26. Yea Im passed the point of arrogant optimism. I dont like it but I see the writing on the wall for the future of humanity and its bad. Yolo.

  27. this is why I'm getting a vasectomy with no kids

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