1. I've always like Collinsworth and I also am a big fan of Joe Buck who IMO gets far too much hate.

  2. Yup. That Buck/Aikman combo is goated idc what anyone says

  3. Holy shit get this pussy away from women please. Glad MP got in his face in the wild card round.

  4. No player in the world would’ve played with Lamar’s injury on a contract year. No one is that stupid.

  5. But the issue is it is his own fault there is no contract. No agent and the guy can't negotiate to save his life. All other young QBs got their deal done after year 3.

  6. I suggest humility and research. We don’t know enough about ecosystems yet to understand them from the standpoint of suffering. Imagine applying Leibniz “the best of all possible worlds “ to habitat management? This discipline doesn’t exist yet.

  7. Ok show me the research about suffering levels jn healthy ecosystems, then we can discuss. 🙄

  8. I knew it would have some impact based on the guys I talked to prior to making the leap, but it's changed a lot of little things in very impactful ways I wasn't expecting.

  9. Go to Asli Tarcan bro they’ll get you right

  10. Geno, especially if we end up hiring Canales

  11. Moral relativism is a fringe position among professional philosophers. The majority hold the view that morality is grounded in mind-independent (i.e. stance-independent) facts.

  12. With HT + BHT + SMP it is never too late.

  13. What is this? Any link to help me understand?

  14. HT = Hair Transplant = regular hair transplant using donor hairs from back of the head

  15. Shit happened to me in Yonkers at the beginning of the pandemic. Junkie took my whole coin holder smh

  16. To phrase it bluntly: I rather train on animals than on injured people.

  17. To phrase it bluntly: that’s called speciesism.

  18. Ok. Then I accept that I am a speciecist. And now? The difference may be that for you this may be an interesting thought, while for me it is about an actual person who depends on my skills to not die.

  19. Yeah, yeah. Why would you rather train on animals than injured people? What is the difference between a non-human animal and a human animal that warrants this difference in treatment?

  20. there is no excuse in the world to be anything but left. veganism is inherently left. anti-racidm is inherently left. anti-homophobia is inherently left.

  21. Having moved back abs forth between the US and countries where guns are rare, I’ve become certain that guns lead to more anti-social behavior.

  22. Not sure about your theory. Can't assholes in other countries carry and use knives?

  23. Would rather have Monken or that Canales guy from Seattle

  24. No perceptible difference for me. I will say it made me more aware of certain nutrition stuff.

  25. As a console player, I'm concerned if the same thing is gonna happen there...

  26. No you’re good. PC players have been coping for years by saying mods are coming to console.

  27. Apparently the surgeon does not perform the surgery there - they have a bunch of physician assistants doing it. Wild.

  28. A lot of people say they notice a massive uptick in attention after getting hair systems. I imagine it is the same for (good) transplants.

  29. I have heard that, too. I wonder what ladies think when they learn it’s a hair system? Guess it doesn’t matter when you get to the point that they’re already yours.

  30. Yeah initial attraction is most important. After that point they probably don't care.

  31. We can respect animals without believing that people and animals are exactly the same thing you idiot, leaving this sub

  32. Wow not only did you announce your departure here as if anyone gave a fuck, you then proceeded to make a separate thread announcing your departure to a whole other subreddit. Narcissism is real.

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